Printing a email in your gmail account from within your browser

How can I print the entire email message without Google chopping off some of the text? Usually less than all of the text is available for printing.

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I have the same problem with trying to print incoming emails. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difficulty with gmail, but with virgin, which uses google now, it sometimes does have a print icon alongside heading and sometimes doesn’t. In the latter case, the only way I can print is to forward it to my separate gmail address. And yes it does only print the top page if I go via the File/Print route –user47927 Sep 18 “13 at 14:32
To print an email (or an entire conversation), you have to use Gmail buttons.

On the top right corner of the mail, there is this icon:


Click on the down arrow, then you will get a menu, just choose Print.

If you want to print the entire conversation, click on the printer icon


on the top right of the conversation (at the right edge of the title/label line).

You can find official documentation here.

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If this is how you proceed, I can”t help you, I haven”t seen Gmail chopping my printed emails, even in case of (very) long emails.

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I select Shrink to 50% and the whole message is printed but obvious a lot smaller but very readable,
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answered Jul 9 “16 at 7:40


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Click on print preview and select Shrink to fit under scale. That solved the problem for me
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answered Mar 17 “14 at 7:43


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