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This tutorial will show you how to set up a Hotmail email account in Outlook Express; all you need is an existing Hotmail email account. This tutorial will also help you set up an MSN email account; both Hotmail and MSN are Microsoft webmail programs. To set up a free Hotmail email account, just go to Hotmail and sign up. (The Hotmail email account setup link will open in a new window.) After creating your Hotmail account, proceed to set up your email account in Outlook Express.

If you’re trying to set up a default email account in Outlook Express, see Setting up an email account in Outlook Express. Hotmail and MSN email accounts are special types of email accounts that have different email account setup procedures in Outlook Express.

Hotmail is leaving Outlook Express – As of June 2008, you will no longer be able to view your Hotmail emails in Outlook Express. Instead, you must use Windows Live Mail for Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can now set up Hotmail in Windows Live Mail…

Here is the Hotmail Outlook Express Tutorial: If you came across this tutorial while trying to learn how to set up Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook, watch the following tutorial, which explains how to set up Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook. For more information on how to check and manage email in a web browser like Internet Explorer, check out our Hotmail tutorial!

If you haven’t created a Windows Live Hotmail email account yet, learn how to sign up for Hotmail to create a new email account.

Hotmail and Outlook Express

With Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail is the world’s most popular free email (webmail) service. Owned by Microsoft, Hotmail uses a proprietary email “language” that differs from the publicly documented POP3 or IMAP email protocols.

The only email clients designed to handle Hotmail accounts are Microsoft Outlook (the email client for Office) and Outlook Express. The same applies to MSN (“Microsoft Network”) email accounts. Both webmail services can be accessed directly from your computer via Outlook Express (or Outlook).

Hotmail and Outlook Express work much like “IMAP” email accounts: folders you create in your Hotmail account (via a web browser) are reflected in Outlook Express – and vice versa. Although Hotmail and Outlook Express are separate products, they are designed to interact with each other.

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For convenience, Hotmail is an IMAP webmail service designed for Outlook Express.

Setup Hotmail in Outlook Express

The first time you run Outlook Express, the New Email Account Wizard opens automatically. However, you can set up a new or additional email account in Outlook Express after manually setting up or add an email account in Outlook Express, go to the Tools menu and click Accounts to access existing emails and news accounts. You can add email. The New Email Account wizard will open automatically. Just continue setting up your Hotmail account below.

Setting Up Hotmail in Outlook Express (Hotmail Email Account Setup)

The Internet Accounts dialog opens, displaying all accounts (Hotmail and others) that you currently have set up in Outlook. By default, you should have four “Directory Services” listed under “All” – these are not related to your email account. (If you’ve set up email accounts in Outlook Express, they’ll be listed on both the All tab and the Email tab.)

The Internet Accounts dialog is the central location where you can add, delete, or modify e-mail accounts, and import or export e-mail accounts in Outlook Express. Both regular email accounts and Hotmail accounts are listed on the Email tab.

Creating/Adding a Hotmail Account in Outlook Express

Adding a Hotmail email account in Outlook Express

To create and set up a new email account in Outlook Express, click the Add button with the arrow and select Mail. The Email Account Setup Wizard will now guide you through the email account setup process.

Setting up a new email account in Outlook Express

The Internet Connection Wizard opens. This wizard will guide you through all the steps required to set up a Hotmail account in Outlook. The first field is Display Name: enter your name exactly as it will appear when recipients send emails from Outlook Express. You can change this information later after setting up your email. The only affects the appearance of emails sent via Hotmail and Outlook Express.

If you use Hotmail through a browser, the Hotmail service will use the name you entered when you first logged into Hotmail. Make sure the display name you enter in Outlook Express matches the name you entered when you signed up for Hotmail.

Click Next to continue setting up your Outlook Express Hotmail account.

Enter your email address in Outlook Express

In the second screen of the wizard, Internet Email Address, you can enter your actual email address before “” and “Domain Name”, in our case “” or “”. The email address you enter should be in the format Based on the email address you enter, Outlook Express will know that you want to set up Hotmail or MSN email next.

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Wrapping Up Your Hotmail Account Setup in Outlook Express

Outlook Express

On the Email Server Name screen, Outlook Express collects incoming and outgoing email servers. When you set up a Hotmail or MSN email account, Outlook Express automatically configures us with the correct settings. You’ll notice that changing Hotmail to MSN in the Mail Server drop-down menu automatically changes your email account configuration in Outlook. Setting up your Hotmail account is almost done.

Enter your email account name in Outlook Express

Internet Mail Signup is the last Outlook Express screen required to create a new Hotmail email. Outlook Express uses your Hotmail email address; choose the appropriate account name “Hotmail”. You have multiple Hotmail accounts, make sure to give each account a unique name to distinguish them in Outlook Express.

Outlook Express will display the email account name and use it when referencing the Hotmail account you just created.

In the Password field, Outlook Express will prompt you to enter the password required to access your Hotmail account. Alternatively, you can instruct Outlook Express to save your email account password for you. This saves you typing time while Outlook Express checks for new e-mail on Hotmail’s servers. (Otherwise, Outlook Express will ask for your Hotmail password as needed.)

You should only use this option if you trust others to access your computer, or if you can lock Windows when your computer is left unattended: if others can access Outlook Express on your computer, they can use Your Hotmail control account.

Hotmail Account Setup Summary Screen in Outlook Express

Outlook Express has completed the email account setup

Congratulations – you have set up your Hotmail email account in Outlook, click the Done button and you will be returned to the Outlook Express Internet Accounts dialog where you can enter the email account. You can now turn it off or click the Properties button to adjust the settings for your new email account. (We’ll detail the email account settings available for Outlook Express for Hotmail accounts in a later tutorial.)

Outlook Express has added the email account you have just finished setting up

Hotmail now displays with other email accounts in Outlook Express.

Connecting Outlook Express to Hotmail

Outlook Express attempts to download Hotmail emails and folders

Once you’ve set up your Hotmail account, Outlook Express will attempt to connect to Hotmail to download your email and folders. Outlook Express will keep prompting you to download your Hotmail account information until you agree. Click Yes to load your Hotmail account emails and folders into Outlook Express. Depending on the number of emails and folders you have on Hotmail (and the speed of your Internet connection), this download may take a few minutes.

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Problems Connecting Outlook Express to Hotmail

Outlook Express cannot connect to Hotmail

In most cases, you can easily download your Hotmail account to is a common Hotmail troubleshooting tip.

  • Check if you are connected to the internet
  • Make sure your Hotmail email address is entered correctly
  • Make sure you entered the correct Hotmail password
  • Make sure Outlook Express is not in “Offline” mode (File > Work Offline).

If all the information you entered in Outlook Express is correct, it may just be a temporary problem with the Hotmail server. Please try again later.

Downloading Hotmail Emails and Folders in Outlook Express

Outlook Express downloads Hotmail account

Outlook Express will start downloading your emails and folders from Hotmail as soon as you set up a successful progress window (“Downloading folder list on server…”) until all your Hotmail accounts are download.

When you set up a brand new Hotmail account, there is no download folder other than the default folders (Inbox, Sent, Trash, and Bulk). Outlook Express displays the following message:

Outlook Express didn

Click Yes and Outlook Express will set the default folder for Hotmail.

Conclusion: Hotmail in Outlook Express

Hotmail is now part of Outlook Express

Hotmail is now an integral part of Outlook Express. Above you can find your Hotmail account and its folders.

Outlook Express is at the same level as local folders.

You can now check your Hotmail emails, create and delete email folders directly from Outlook Express. Changes you make in Outlook Express are visible when you log in to Hotmail using a web browser. This includes deleted or moved e-mail, and the creation or deletion of e-mail folders (whether those folders were created in Outlook Express or in Hotmail via a web browser).

A Couple Tips for Hotmail, Outlook Express Users

Tip 1: If you move your Hotmail email to one of your Outlook Express local folders, a Hotmail copy of the moved email will be placed in the Hotmail Trash folder.

Tip 2: Copies of emails you send from Outlook Express through your Hotmail account are saved in Outlook Express Sent Items (under a local folder), not Outlook Express Hotmail Sent Items, Email messages that you send via Hotmail from your web browser (optional) are stored in Hotmail’s Sent Items folder.

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