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While a good memory is essential to excel as a nurse, there are mobile apps that can help you remember healthcare knowledge and streamline communications.

For students in online nursing programs, nursing apps can help them be more effective and confident in their courses and on the job.

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Below are 10 great apps for nurses and nursing students.

1. ncsbn learning extension – medication cards

What it offers: This simple app downloads a library of medications to your phone. ideal for students preparing for exams or nurses who need a quick point of reference.availability: ios and android; free

2. nclex rn mastery – study aid

What it offers: Prepare for the nclex rn exam with hundreds of practice questions and sample quizzes. when you give a wrong answer, the app gives you a detailed reason (which helps you to give a correct answer next time).

availability: ios and android; free download with in-app purchases: monthly fees otherwise

3. pepid – medication and clinical resource

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What it offers: With versions for different professions, including nurses, EMTs, doctors, students, and more, this app provides detailed information on all elements of patient care. students get a credible and comprehensive resource guide for coursework, lab exercises, and clinical practice.

availability: compatible with ios, android, blackberry and mobile browser; subscription fee

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4. epocrates – clinical care assistant

What it offers: This app streamlines searches for information on prescription drugs, drug interactions, and pill identification. As a nursing student, you can avoid exam mistakes and, most importantly, provide proper treatment when providing patient care.

availability: ios and android; free, with an upgrade to access diagnostics and diseases, or business subscription

5. medscape – informative resource

what it offers: Published by webmd, this free app provides access to a medical directory, continuing education, medical news tailored to your specialty, and a clinical reference library. The news aspect of this app helps students stay current in the industry.

availability: ios and android; free

6. webmd: access the full resources of webmd

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what it offers: this is the application version of the webmd website. Because the primary audience for Web MD is the general public, nursing students can use the resources available in the app to practice describing patient care with non-medical terminology.availability: ios, android and amazon; free

7. medical mnemonics – nursing/nursing student support

what it offers: This app provides over 1,500 acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks to help nurses quickly learn numerous medical conditions, symptoms, and other medical terminology.availability: ios and android; nominal fee

8. taber medical dictionary – complete medical dictionary

What it offers: This is a mobile version of one of the best medical dictionaries on the market. The app includes photos, videos, audio pronunciations, and functionality to save favorite entries. This dictionary has over 65,000 definitions to help nursing students study for exams.Availability: Compatible with iOS, Android and mobile browser; annual subscription fee

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9. central nursing – comprehensive reference resource

What it offers: Nursing Central offers information and referral on diseases, medications, and tests for nurses, as well as a literature search function. The app includes access to the Davis Medication Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, Medline Search and Journals, among other databases.Availability: iOS and Android; annual subscription fee

10. nursegrid – programming and communication

what it offers: nursegrid was developed by nurses to help manage the scheduling process. The app allows you to schedule across all workstations, see who’s on your shift, message other nurses, and much more. an administrator version is also available.

availability: ios and web portal; free

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