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how do i sign up for’s national do not send list for free?

You can click this link to register.

You’re a direct mail company, so why would you want to help prevent people from getting direct mail?

Direct mail is an expensive marketing medium. Neither our firm nor the clients we serve want to send mail to people who don’t want to receive it. That’s why we’ve structured the National Do Not Mail List to allow people to tell senders not to send them the kind of mail they don’t want, as well as to send them the kind of mail they do want.

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how does the national mailing list work?

We create lists of people who tell us they don’t want to receive direct mail. we provide that list to bulk mailers so they can compare it to the mailing lists they use and remove names that appear on both lists. In addition, when you indicate that you wish to receive certain types of direct mail offers, we provide that list to relevant merchants and organizations so that they can add those names to the mailing lists they use.

I already put my name on the national do not call list for telemarketers. is this the same list?

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not. The National Do Not Call List is a government service and is available only to those who use telemarketing to sell their products and services. there is no government list for those who do not want to receive direct mail. is a private company that is filling that void with the national no-mail list; it is not operated by the federal government.

Will my name be added to other lists when I sign up?’s National Do Not Mail List adds your name to the lists: the lists of people who don’t want to receive any kind of direct mail, or only certain ones. will never add your name to any other mailing list unless you ask us to.

do you guarantee that I will not receive any direct mail once I sign up?

we make our national do-not-mail list available to mailing list owners and users for the sole purpose of removing your name from their lists at their own discretion; we can’t force them to do it (although we can’t imagine why a company would). you do not want to take advantage of this service to remove from your lists anyone who does not want to receive your offers). we cannot guarantee that you will not receive any mail addressed to “occupant” or “resident”. we also cannot guarantee that you will not receive any mail sent to your place of work. removal of your name from the lists is not immediate; it can take weeks or months to remove your name from the vast majority of mailing lists due to the seasonal marketing patterns most mass senders employ.

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how can you provide this extensive service free of charge?

We will more than offset the cost of providing this service by removing the names of those who do not wish to receive our mailings (or those of our clients), as well as adding the names of those who do wish to receive specific offers to the corresponding mailing lists.

why can’t i sign up right now instead of having to email you again?

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To protect you against fraud, which is a growing problem in today’s online world, we want to make sure that the information you submit is not false or entered by a third party. our secure site and email verification system exist to protect you. Responding to the verification email only requires you to verify the accuracy of your information and hit the submit button, which should only take a minute or two.

how can i be sure i can trust you?

We have been responsible for direct mail for more than 40 years. No direct mail company could survive this long without providing honest and reliable service to its customers and users.

why aren’t you being honest and using the term “spam?”

We believe that an attractive direct mail offer, well presented and sent only to people who have previously shown an interest in the product or service, is never junk. When you get a direct mail related to something of interest, you’ll likely take a quick look at it. then, if the mail does its job, you might even place an order. For us, spam is mail that doesn’t meet all of these criteria, and we do our best to prevent it.

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