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Today, music theory can be learned through apps. It’s a fun, creative, and modern way to approach learning with apps like Perfect Ear, Tenuto, Ear Master, and many more.

Did you know that you can learn a lot about music theory just by using an app on your phone? Did you know that you can learn to recognize differences in relative pitch just by participating in quizzes and games on your iPad?

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There are hundreds of music theory and ear training apps available for both android and ios. all claim to teach you music theory and help you train your ears in an interactive way that’s easy, fun, and engaging.

Some of these applications are little gems that you would like to know beforehand. all are quite useful for any musician, no matter their level.

here is a list of the most loved music theory apps.

1. perfect ear

google play | app store

perfect ear is a complete music theory and ear training app that you can use in many ways.

available for both android and ios, comes in free or premium version. We recommend the latter, which is really cheap but full of features.

the perfect ear is divided into three main sections: theory, ear training and rhythm. It also has some additional exercises for you to excel at specific music skills. let’s take a closer look at each section.

the theory section provides the rudiments of intervals, scales, chords, modes, rhythm, and the circle of fifths. You can also access the theoretical explanation of each topic through ear training and rhythm sections.

In the ear training section, you can practice your listening skills through identifying and comparing intervals, singing intervals, and sight reading intervals. you can also practice identifying scales and chords.

In the rhythm section, you can familiarize yourself with rhythmic figures that become progressively more complex or practice keeping the beat.

2. piano partner

google play | app store

This app, available for both ios and android, is particularly useful for piano students, but can benefit anyone who wants to learn more about music theory.

You can choose between the free version and the premium version. the free version is quite complete, although it limits some functions such as the possibility of building and saving chords in your personal dictionary.

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The piano companion features chord and scale dictionaries that can be very useful for reference at any time. she also explains the circle of fifths and chord pads for practicing chord progressions.

Last but not least, it has a virtual piano (great for composing on the go) and a section dedicated to free and paid piano courses.

3. tenuto

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app store

iphone users can practice music theory with the 24 exercises, ranging from ear training to chord recognition, provided by the tenuto app.only available as a premium app , but for a small and affordable amount. however, it is still worth the money as you get a great app to teach you music theory.

Theory lessons in its sister app provide interactive and animated music theory lessons that get progressively more advanced.

4. music theory basics

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app store

Music Theory Basics offers a wide range of lessons, from note reading to complex rhythms and chords.

another great music theory resource for ios is priced slightly higher. however, it is still a very fun and educational app, perfect for learning the basics. It has quizzes and games to engage and stimulate their learning.

5. ear teacher

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app store

This application presents interval identification and chord identification exercises, all introduced by a theoretical explanation. It is also very useful for sight-singing practice.

ipad users can master music theory and ear training with this free and comprehensive app.

earmaster is particularly interesting because it supports the use of external microphones and midi controllers. you can plug in your favorite microphone to practice your sight reading and receive instant feedback on your results. Or you can connect your midi keyboard to send your answers to music theory exercises.

Unfortunately, earmaster is only available for ipad.

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6. complete ear trainer

google play | app store

This app for android and ios, available in full version at an affordable price, is what you need if you want to develop a complete relative or absolute pitch.It also offers valuable knowledge on music theory, to help you to better understand the presented ear training exercises.

You can use the complete ear trainer in three different modes: the easy mode, which features more than fifty progressive exercises in twelve different chapters; the classic modality, with more than 150 exercises; the arcade mode, a kind of challenge made up of 21 exercises.

You can also create custom training to meet your specific needs.

Each chapter, before the exercises, presents a kind of welcome card, with all the theoretical explanations you will need to face the challenge.

7. music theory assistant

google play

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This free android app gives you detailed information about chords, intervals, scales, the circle of fifths and all the basics of music theory.

also features some reading exercises and listening training, despite being more focused on the theoretical approach. although the theoretical approach is not always bad, sometimes a little more theory is needed before going deeper.

8. functional ear trainer

google play | app store

Functional Auditory Trainer is an Android and iOS app, available free of charge but requiring in-app purchases, designed to improve your listening skills.

The developers claim that through their app you will develop perfect listening skills with just ten minutes of practice a day.

The app is surely very effective, especially as it puts each pitch in the context of a particular musical key, encouraging the development of perfect relative pitch.

Music theory used to be boring, but now, with new technologies constantly reshaping our world, it can be an exciting challenge.

All the apps described in this article will help you improve your musical, listening and rhythmic skills on the go, in a simple and fun way.

9. theory lessons

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app store

This app is very diverse in that it has several useful lessons covering notes, notations, scales, intervals, chords and much more.

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theory lessons is another useful application, it can only be used on iphone or ipad and it is used to teach you music theory. it is perfectly suited to take you to the next level in your musical journey. It is also very informative as it has excellent explanations that are perceived through really detailed images to learn more successfully. its diverse nature allows for a good overall music theory learning experience that also includes note names, note values, and time signatures as well.

10. music tutor (sight reading)

google play | app store

It can teach you how to decode standard music notation and can also help you learn to read sheet music with an emphasis on sight-reading skills.

music tutor is considered as a professional music app suitable for successful learning of music theory. We all know that being able to read sheet music is an invaluable talent for any musician. so this app helps you focus on that skill to take it to a whole new level. you’ll learn how to increase and develop your sheet music reading speed, as well as helpful tips on how to quickly identify musical notes within certain time sections.


There are many music theory apps out there today, but in my opinion, these are the top ten. they provide you with interactive material that allows you to learn and progress at your own pace.

Nowadays, the use of applications is very popular. Apps are accessible to most of our devices and most people enjoy playing and interacting with them. When it comes to music theory, it has never been easier to learn and train your ears with interactive material.

Learning music theory can be a daunting task for anyone. it is usually approached by reading and listening, and then tested in practical application. but with this list of apps, you can learn and practice your ear training skills with interactive material on your phone or tablet.

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