Add A ! Or A Star To Mark An Outgoing Email As Urgent In Gmail

Gmail doesn”t have the priority inbox feature turned on by default. This feature splits the contents of your regular inbox into sections on the screen: Important and Unread, Important, Unread, Starred, and Everything Else. You can choose which of these to use. Gmail decides what you”re likely to classify as important and places those emails in the Important and Unread section usingcriteriasuch as how you treated similar messages in the past, how the message is addressed to you, and other factors.

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Importance Markers

Each email has an importance marker immediately to the left of the sender”s name in the Inbox list. It looks like a flag or arrow. When Gmail identifies a particular email as being important based on its criteria, the importance marker is yellow. When it is not recognized as being important, it is just the empty outline of the shape.

Mark An Outgoing Email As Urgent In Gmail
Mark An Outgoing Email As Urgent In Gmail

At any time, you can click the importance marker and change its status manually. If you want to know why Gmail decided a particular email was important, hover your cursor over the yellow flag and read the explanation. If you disagree, just click the yellow flag to mark it unimportant. This action teaches Gmail which emails you think are important.










In the same section, select the radio button next to Use my past actions to predict which messages are important to me.

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Though there is no in-built option available in Gmail, there is a workaround that can help you mark an outgoing email as urgent in your Gmail account. To know about the workaround, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below in this guide.

Guide to Mark an Email as Urgent in Gmail

While there is no option available in Gmail to mark an outgoing email in your account as important or urgent, however, if you wish to mark an email in your Inbox folder as important or urgent for future reference, you can do so easily by following these steps.

Sign in to your Gmail account on a supported web browser.Once you are logged in to your account, you will need to go to the Inbox folder and go to the particular email you wish to mark as important or urgent.Once you located the email in your Gmail account, you will just need to click on the Star icon or the icon next to it to mark that particular email or conversation as urgent.

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On the other hand, if you are looking to mark an outgoing email in your Gmail account as urgent, you can mark an outgoing email in your Gmail account as important after configuring your account to an email program Outlook.

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Once you have configured your Gmail account on Outlook, you can follow these steps to mark an Outgoing email as important by following these steps:

Open the Outlook program on your computer and click on the Home tab located at the top of the window.In the Home option, you will need to click on the New Email button located at the left end of the ribbon.Then, click on the Message tab located at the top of the window. Then, click on the High Importance button in the Tags section of the ribbon.After that, you can easily complete the email and click on the Send button to send the email with high importance.When your email will reach the recipient, the email will be displayed to the recipient with a red exclamation point next to the email in their Outlook inbox.

NOTE: If you want you can even adjust the default level of importance in Outlook and change it to low, normal, or high importance.

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So, these are the steps you will need to follow in order to mark an outgoing email in your Gmail account as important or urgent.

How Gmail Decides Which Emails Are Important

Gmail uses several criteria when deciding which emails to mark as important or not important. Among the criteria are:

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Which emails you openWhich emails you reply toWho you send emails to and how oftenKeywords that occur in emails you usually readWhich emails you starWhich emails you archiveWhich emails you deleteWhich emails you mark important manuallyWhich emails you mark unimportant manually

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