Why Aren’T My Images Showing Up In Mailchimp? ? Mailchimp Campaign Doesnt Display Images

Are your images in your email campaigns failing to display for some people? There are two likely causes for images not displaying by default.

Watching: Why aren’t my images showing up in mailchimp?

If contacts receive your email campaigns however they see an empty box where the image should show then there is likely one of two issues:

The contact has a local setting to avoid displaying images by default.

To do:

Only send campaigns with images of the file-types; JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF (TIFF, SVG, BMP and other filetypes aren’t as widely supported by email readers). Always include a “read in browser” link at the top of each campaign. As the sender we can’t force the recipients email reader to display images.

Note: Unfortunately the setting to not display email images is a setting on the recipients email system.

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Galla G says

July 11, 2020 at 1:07 pm


All images in my test email (newsletter campaign) are “broken image” icons but I simply uploaded the (properly sized jpg) images to Mailchimp when I created the email campaign. I use gmail and have never had trouble seeing images before and my local settings are to display all images. Also never had this problem when sending Mailchimp campaigns last year.

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Jesse Phillips says

October 9, 2020 at 4:13 am


Hey Gary, I’ve been using Mailchimp for like 10 years. And I’ve noticed over the last few years (maybe from the beginning, not sure) that my images don’t show up – that is when I get my own Mailchimp emails in my gmail, I have to click a link at the top to display images (even I click the Always display images link, but have to do it every time). All other emails I get the images show up, so it’s not a setting in my gmail. I’m not sure if this problem is happening to my customers or not. Nevertheless its VERY DISCONCERTING that images don’t automatically show up when I get the email. And I wonder if I’m doing something wrong on mailchimp, but can’t find any articles online about this particular problem.

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Do you know what could be going on?



Bayberry says

January 6, 2021 at 2:32 am


I am having a similar issue. Images don’t show up as broken, just absent.I am using the same email layout I have used for past email campaigns. I didn’t have this problem before but since last night, I have sent several test emails and of the four images, they sporadically show up or don’t. I have edited each of them, saved and resent, but still sporadic. I don’t know what else to try.

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It’s so frustration. I replaced the first two images in case they were two big. Now all are showing up except for the first one. Same problem on IE and Chrome. Opening in Yahoo. I had wanted to send out today or tomorrow.


Absolutely dealing with the same problem. None of my images are showing up and my gmailaccount.copany and newsletter are very image intensive. I’ve been doing them for over 5 years and have mastered the proper sizes and file types. This has NOTHING to do with my end. Seeing others with the problem and not being given an helpful advice is alarming considering this is Mailchimp. I’m starting to think Mailchimp changed something in their settings when updating their system some time recently and aren’t aware of what it is that was changed. This is VERY frustrating.


Hi Bretzky,Please raise this issue with Mailchimp support and let me know the outgmailaccount.coe.My issue is that I haven’t seen this before where it has been a Mailchimp issue. When clients have raised this in the past it has always been something other than Mailchimp with the most gmailaccount.comon causes being:

An html error in a custom coded template orA non-standard (for email) file type such as PDF or BMP orthe image has been deleted from the Mailchimp Content Studio orthere a setting changed on the users device or email account or

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Clar says

February 27, 2021 at 6:29 pm


Same thing. This seems to be a server side issue with the asset management. To add on to problems, I cant even upload any photos now.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for getting back. Error message only said upload failed. My photos were originally even below 1MB, around 72kB.


Hi Gary, aside from the upload problem, the bigger problem at hand is that the images in most templates are delinked. There are too many templates to re-insert them from the content studio – they were created from years before so it’s also impossible for me to remember where the images should go. This is the same problem as the other gmailaccount.coments and nothing works for me.

I have the Mailchimp links to the images and some of these links no longer work. Hope this gives a clue where the problems might be. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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