Keyboard shortcuts for gmail

Follow this link if you’re looking for the Windows Emoji Keyboard Shortcut.

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I’ve been annoyed that i’t find emoji keyboard shortcuts on Google Hangouts (on mobile or gmail in web browser), i was specifically looking for the thinking face emoji.

You can and paste from this list but keyboard shortcuts are so much easier

Naturally i did the geeky thing and tried to find it.

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Here’s the geeky stuff…The for keyboard shortcuts is buried in a javascript variable “J7a”To see the javascript yourself: make sure you have a hangouts chat open in gmail then…right-click > inspect > sourcesHere’s a snippet of the javascript…(more geeky stuff)J7a={“!:)”:128579,”!:-)”:128579,”(=^..^=)”:128568,”(=^.^=)”:128568,”(N)”:128078,”(Y)”:128077, ……u_u:128532,x_x:128565,”}:)”:128520,”}:-)”:128520,”}=)”:128520,”~

What you’re seeing there is each keyboard shortcut “:)” and the character in decimal.e.g. 128053 is decimal for the hexidecimal value 0x1F435 (monkey face U+1F435) .

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Here are the emoji shortcuts…Without further delay, here’s the full list of all currently available Google Hangouts emoji keyboard shortcuts…

frowning/sad face(U+2639)
🙂 or 🙂
:(|) monkey face(U+1F435)
pig face(U+1F437)
(Y) or (y)
thumb up(U+1F44D)
(N) or (n)
thumb down(U+1F44E)
man with turban(U+1F473)
pile of poo(U+1F4A9)
😀 or 😀
grinning face(U+1F600)
grinning face with closed eyes(U+1F601)
laughing face with tears(U+1F602)
laughing face open mouth with happy eyes(U+1F604)
laughing face open mouth with tear(U+1F605)
O:) or O=) O:-)
angel face (smiley with halo)(U+1F607)
}:) or }=) or }:-)
devil face(U+1F608)
😉 or 😉
winking face(U+1F609)
blushing smile(U+1F60A)
smiley with sunglasses(U+1F60E)
:, or :-,
smirking face(U+1F60F)
😐 or =| or 😐
neutral face(U+1F610)
expressionless face(U+1F611)
downcast with sweat(U+1F613)
pensive face(U+1F614)
:/ or :\ or =/ or =\ or :-/ or :-\
* face(U+1F615)
:s or :S or :-s or :-S
* face(U+1F616)
:* or :-*
kissing face(U+1F617)
;* or ;-*
face blowing a kiss(U+1F618)
blushing kissing face(U+1F61A)
:p or 😛 or :-p or 😛 or =p or =P
face with tongue(U+1F61B)
;p or ;P or ;-p or ;-P
winking face with tongue(U+1F61C)
🙁 or 🙁 or =(
dissappointed face(U+1F61E)
>:( or >=( or >:-(
pouting / angry face(U+1F621)
:”( or =”( or T_T or ;_; crying face(U+1F622)
frowning with open mouth / worried(U+1F626)
loudly crying face(U+1F62D)
😮 or :O or =o or =O or 😮 or :-O or o.o
face with open mouth / shocked(U+1F62E)
astonished face / gasping with shock(U+1F632)
X( or X-( or X-o or X-O or x_x
dizzy face(U+1F635)
:3 or :X) or =^_^= or (=^..^=) or (=^.^=)
grinning cat with smiling eyes(U+1F638)
!:) or !:-)
upside-down face(U+1F643)
person gesturing no / crossed arms(U+1F645)
o or o/
person raising hand(U+1F64B)
:)X or :-)X or >:D(U+1F917)
hand horn sign / ‘rock-on’(U+1F918)
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Annoyingly, as you can see in the list, my original search for a keyboard shortcut for the thinking face emoji proved fruitless…There isn’t one … yet

For reference here’s the current full emoji list.

I hope this helps you and saves you from diving into the javascript source!

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