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Hardware, software, and other computer equipment that support and facilitate voicemail, email, and Internet access are the property of the University and these systems are intended for business purposes only. Incidental use for personal reasons is permitted as long as such use is on personal time, has supervisory permission, and does not conflict with provisions set forth elsewhere in this policy or in related University policies.

Communications and information received, sent, or stored on University equipment are also considered University property, except where University policies on patents (102.15), copyrights (102.35) and copyrights (102.35) apply. /or tangible research property (102.36). ) provided otherwise. email and voicemail communications, and internet use, are subject to monitoring at any time, with or without notice, to ensure that university property is used for business purposes and in a manner consistent with this policy . use of email, voicemail, and other computer systems by an employee, faculty member, or student is considered consent to such monitoring. the university reserves the right to override passwords and/or codes, and employees, faculty members, and students are expected to provide the same upon request to facilitate access. Except for routine monitoring for administrative purposes, access without the user’s knowledge and/or permission requires authorization from the Vice President for Administration and the College Board, or their designees.

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Users of email and voicemail systems are specifically cautioned that they have no right to personal privacy in any matter created, received, or sent through these systems. In addition to the monitoring discussed above, there may be accidental transmission to third parties, or intentional retransmission to someone else’s mailing list, access in the process of troubleshooting hardware or software problems, and other similar situations.

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Accessing, downloading, or transmitting communications containing pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material (unless related to clinical or academic purposes), racial slurs, or similarly offensive material is prohibited. this prohibition includes any communication that contains sexual or racial overtones, disparages a person based on race, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and/or any other personal characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law, or which would be inconsistent with the university’s policies on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment.

No employee, faculty member, or student shall access or attempt to access the email or voicemail systems of other users, without that person’s specific permission, except in the case of authorized personnel in charge to monitor the use of such systems, investigate possible misconduct, or comply with discovery procedures under the rules of any local, state, or federal court. As stated above, except for routine monitoring for administrative purposes, access without the user’s knowledge and/or permission requires authorization from the Vice President for Administration and the College Board, or their designees.

Software, data, networks, and systems to which an employee, faculty member, or student has been granted access must never be transmitted, forwarded, or otherwise made available to third parties who are not authorized to receive such information Or they don’t have any business. reason for such information. this includes proprietary information, information of a confidential and sensitive nature, and material protected by attorney-client privilege.

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Certain data and material on the Internet may be copyrighted, and downloading and/or distribution would constitute copyright infringement. in such cases, users should obtain specific permission from the creator for downloading and/or distribution and, where necessary, seek advice from the university council office.

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varsity equipment may not be used to obtain, install, use, copy, or distribute software or data that is not properly licensed to the workstation(s), network, or person(s). y). University employees or faculty are responsible for maintaining proof of the appropriate license for the software or data they use.

University employees, faculty, and students must not engage in any activity that attempts to circumvent or violate established security measures for University networks and resources. devices must not be connected to the university network other than through university approved procedures for such additions. discovery of illegally connected devices will lead to their disconnection from the network.

email must not be used to solicit or advocate non-university or purely personal interests, or in any manner prohibited by the university’s non-solicitation and distribution policy.

Any violation of this policy will subject the employee, faculty member or student to serious disciplinary action, which may include termination of the employee or faculty member and expulsion of the student. In appropriate cases, violation of this policy may result in modification, suspension, or termination of access privileges.

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