Is there a way to prevent gmail from quoting entire replies?

I send emails to my users which have the same subject but contain different content aside from the header and footer. The header contains a logo, a “Part x of n” message, and an and is never hidden. The footer contains an , the same “Part x of n” text and some functional links (Next, Pause, Tweet) that I don”t want hidden.

Watching: Is there a way to prevent gmail from quoting entire replies?

I tried enclosing these in a
. I also tried adding &ts=timestamp to the links. The links are images, so then I created a symbolic link called image2.png pointing to image1.png and alternated these images. None of these worked.

Is there a simple solution that I haven”t thought of yet?

Here is some html:

names are really separated by, rather than just a comma.

This function does not do any checking for problems. We assume,in this case, that the input is always correct.

(Part 19 of about 74)

Original page: hereAnd here”s a screenshot:


I was able to solve this problem by appending a containing a unique invisible string to each line of my email”s footer. At first, I just added time() to each line, but some email clients interpret this as a phone number and convert the string into a URL. So, I pre/postpended a non-numeric character to the string and things seem to be working fine.

There must be a better way to do this though…

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After going crazy from Gmail breaking up my transactional emails into blocks and hiding repeating parts of it, I implemented a helper function inspired by SeanO”s answer in my meanie-mail-composer package to automate the addition of random strings for me.

This helper includes a hidden with a 5 character random string before every

tag by default.

Here”s the code snippet that does the trick (Node.js):

const crypto = require(“crypto”);//Helper to randomize HTML contentsfunction randomize(html, tag = “

“) { //Create a 5 char random string for email content to be unique const time = String(; const hash = crypto .createHash(“md5”) .update(time) .digest(“hex”) .substr(0, 5); //Create HTML string to replace with and regex const str = `${hash}${tag}`; const regex = new RegExp(tag, “g”); //Replace in HTML return html.replace(regex, str);}

No more broken up emails!

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This is the technique from the other answers but this is the exact line that I added to my rails email templates:

Just needs to go below the content that shouldn”t be hidden.

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