# If you forgot the passcode on your iPhone, or your iPhone is disabled

Touch ID was first introduced in iPhone 5s, and since then, the feature has been used by almost all users with great enthusiasm. There are multiple usages of Touch ID; for example, users can use their fingerprints to buy apps, games, and other contents from iTunes Store or via Apple Pay. They can also unlock their iOS devices with the help of Touch ID. What surprises users is that they can set app lock for iPhone.

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However, many users have regret – they can’t use Touch ID to lock individual apps on their iPhones or iPads. If you can lock apps on iPhone with Touch ID, you can easily hand over your iPhone or iPad to other users (friends or colleagues at office) or your kids. By locking apps on iPhone with Touch ID, you can protect your private data and useful information.


How to Lock Apps on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 Using Touch ID

If you have not Jailbroken your device, you can Jailbreak iOS 10.2 on iPhone or iPad by using Yalu and Cydia Impactor.Please note that you can’t lock apps on your non-Jailbroken iOS devices, though you can always lock photos and files on iPhone or iPad by using some iPhone app locker apps.Step #1: Launch Cydia and Search ‘BioLockDown’ without using single inverted comma.Step #2: Since BigBoss repo hosts this tweak, you are not required to add a custom source.Step #3: Next, you need to purchase this tweak; tap on Purchase this BioLockDown at $2.99. You can pay the amount via PayPal.
Step #4: Now tap on Restart SpringBoard.Your iPhone will respring in a few seconds and BioLockDown will be installed successfully.

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How does BioLockDown Lock Apps and Settings?

BioLockDown is one of the best apps locker for iPhone; it relies on the fingerprints you have already registered in Touch ID, you can easily lock apps on iPhone with Touch ID. If you haven’t setup your Touch ID, you can do so by following Settings → Touch ID & Passcode → Add a Fingerprint.Also Check: How to reset restriction passcode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10
Note that this tweak is compatible with your passcode as well.

Step #1: First off, open the BioLockDown tweak from Settings on your iPhone.

Step #2: To lock an individual app, tap on ‘New restriction’.You can see a new pop-up menu from which you can choose any default or third-party apps or folders you wish to lock with Touch ID. As of now, folders cannot be locked; but the developer has promised to introduce this feature in near future.

Step #3: Under the tab of ‘Switches’, you can lock some Control Center options like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Step #4: Tap on Settings Panes and you will be able to lock particular settings pane like General, Wallpaper, Siri, and more. It is advisable to lock ‘BioLockDown’ itself so nobody can make any changes in the Settings or remove lock apps.Last is ‘Features’ tab, which helps you lock some other default features of your iPhone like answering/placing a call, notifications, Control Center, Siri, Spotlight, Power Off iPhone etc.You must use BioLockDown to lock ‘power off device’ feature on a Jailbroken iPhone.

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Whenever you need to shut down your iPhone, the tweak will ask you to put your fingerprint to power off your device. Since the current Jailbreak is semi-tethered, a simple restart will nullify the Jailbreak. If your iPhone falls into the hands of a smart user, s/he can remove your Jailbreak, wiping out all the effects and security you have created by using BioLockDown tweak.

BioLockDown is a nice tweak to use on your iPhone. However, you should be careful not to use this tweak with replacement apps like Touchr or Virtual home that could interfere with it. To avoid any clash, you should disable such apps while using BioLockDown tweak.You don’t need to use BioLockDown to lock every app on your device. For example, you can hide and unhide Photos in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad without using BioLockDown.

The workaround, which requires a few simple steps, can surely protect your photos.Apart from BioLockDown, there are many other iOS 10 Compatible Cydia Tweaks you can use to enhance your iOS experience. You can also explore some of the best iOS 10 cydia sources.Did you like this information on how app lock for iPhone works with Touch ID? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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