How to set up automatic bcc or cc for gmail

Automatically CCing and BCCing yourself on emails can be useful as reminders. Learn how to set it up in Outlook and Gmail.

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Carbon Copying (CC) and blind copying (BCC) yourself on emails can be a helpful way to remind yourself of important emails or keep your colleagues in the loop. Gmail and Outlook users can easily automate the process so that, if the need arises, all your emails are automatically CCed or BCCed.

This method isn”t for everyone, and you might find that it could make for a messy inbox. That said, Outlook users also have the option to be more selective when choosing when to use the feature but still keep it automated.

How to Automatically CC or BCC Yourself in Gmail

To automatically BCC or CC yourself (or any other email address for that matter) in Gmail, you will need a browser extension. The feature is not native to Gmail, and many third-party extensions require pretty extensive permissions to access your email.

The Auto BCC for Gmail from CloudHQ is an extension with the least permissions required. It does not access browsing history outside of the Gmail domain. Add this extension to the Chrome browser and create an account on CloudHQ.

Once the extension of your choice is installed and has access to your Gmail account, you can create a rule using the following steps:

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Auto BCC for Gmail
In the dialog box that opens, click Add new rule. Under When emails are sent from, you should see your email address already filled in. In the drop-down menu beneath that, select the to everyone, but not to option, and leave the field blank. In the then automatically drop-down list, select BCC (or CC if you prefer) and enter your email address.
Auto BCC Setup Rules in Gmail
Click Save Rule.  If you no longer want to use this extension, you can uninstall it via Additionally, you can revoke its access to your Gmail account.

If you”re not a Chrome user or don”t want to grant third-party access to your email, a good workaround to automatically BCC is to use Gmail”s filter and forwarding features.

How to Automatically CC or BCC Your E-mail Address in Outlook 365

Outlook users can automatically CC or BCC themselves using the email program”s Rules feature.

On the Home tab, click Rules > Manage Rules and Alerts.

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Manage rules and alerts in Outlook
Click New Rule. Under Start from a blank rule, click Apply rule on messages I send and click Next. If you want to apply this rule to all your sent emails, click Next again and Yes in the pop-up window. (To be selective, you can use the criteria listed to select and apply this automation only to certain types of emails.)
Outlook Apply Rule When Send
In the Step 1 section of this window, select Cc the message to people or public group. In the Step 2 section of the window, click the people or public group link. In the To field, enter your email address and click Next.If you don’t want to CC someone publicly, you can mimic a BCC by checking Move a copy to the specified folder in Step 1, clicking the Specified Folder link, and selecting your Inbox.
You can add optional exceptions to the emails you don”t want to apply this rule. Enter a name for your rule and check the Turn on rule option.

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Customizing Your Experience With Outlook and Gmail

Both the email services provide diverse options to make the most of your inbox. You don”t have to explore all the options in one attempt, as it can get overwhelming. Select the options that are most important to your daily e-mail conversations.

Once you are familiar with both email services, you can explore other rules that can help you organize your inbox.

For more tips, check out how to use a custom reply-to email address and how to automatically forward email from Outlook to Gmail and vice-versa.

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