How to quickly find messages with attachments in gmail

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Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email clients in the world.Unfortunately, users still receive the occasional error message when using attachments in Gmail.

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Attach files option in Gmail doesn’t always work.

Whenever they try to attach a file to an email, Gmail returns an error message stating:

Attachment failed. This may be due to a proxy or firewall

Consequently, they can’t attach files to emails. Here are a few potential fixes for the Attachment failed issue.

How do I fix Gmail attachment errors?

1. Try third-party alternatives


You might find that Gmail‘s file attachment works fine in an alternative browser. As such, open Gmail in another browser; and then attach a file to an email.

Note that Gmail only supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

You can also try UR browser, the safest browser for surfing the web. Read our review!

5. Update the Browser

Click the Customize Google Chrome button to open the browser’s main menu,The browser will automatically download any available updates.Then click Relaunch to restart the browser.

You should also check for browser updates to ensure you’re using the latest version. Gmail attachment errors are more likely to occur in outdated browsers.

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6. Disable the Proxy Server

Click the Cortana button on the Windows 10 taskbar, and enter ‘internet options’ in the search box.Deselect the Use a proxy server for your LAN setting, and press the OK button.

The Attachment failed error message states that the issue could be due to a proxy server. As such, switching the web browser proxy off, if selected, might fix the error.

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The proxy can’t be disabled no matter what you do? Here’s a guide just for such an occasion.

7. Switch off Firewalls

Open Run by pressing the Win key + R hotkey.Select both the Turn off Windows Firewall options on the Customize Settings tab.Press the OK button to close the tab.

The Attachment failed error message also hints that a firewall might be responsible for the issue.

To ensure there’s no firewall interference for email attachments, you can temporarily switch them off.

8. Adjust the Network.http.spdy.enabled Setting in Firefox

Next, input Network.http.spdy.enabled in the search box at the top of the about:config page.Close Firefox and restart the browser.

This resolution is more specifically for Firefox users. Switching the Network.http.spdy.enabled setting to false can resolve the Attachment failed issue.

Those resolutions will probably fix the Attachment failed error so that you can attach files to Gmail emails again.

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However, you can also report the issue to Google with the Gmail support contact form if further fixes are required.

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