How to put a downloaded font into gmail

Sans SerifSerifComic Sans MSCourier NewGaramoundGeorgiaTahomaTrebuchet MSVerdana

But I don”t wanna use any of those. I want to use the font of my own choice, for example: Lucida Grande, or any other fonts.

Is there any tricks or hacks to do that?



Not really, no. I have seen some reports that if you copy-paste from some other app (like Google Docs or Microsoft Word) Gmail will continue to display the font used in the original. It”s unclear what happens once you send the message or try to change fonts again.

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Basic steps:

Enable canned responsesCreate a canned response by pasting text with your desired font into the editorSave the canned response as normal, naming it with the font you usedUse your custom font in an email by simply using the custom tag you want and simply replacing your placeholder text with the text that you want.


Open Microsoft Word or any HTML page with the font you like.Write you email with that font.Copy Paste into Gmail Compose windowNot sure if Gmail provides more fonts in the Dropdown, but you can use the above method.

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