How to prevent gmail from trimming your email signature

So far I like the “new compose experience” with one exception: I always want to “Show trimmed content” when replying.

Watching: How to prevent gmail from trimming your email signature

Is there a keyboard shortcut for that? I haven”t been able to find one, if there is.

Any other way to make “trimmed content” always appear?

I noticed that if you just hit the down arrow followed by Enter then the trimmed content is shown. Hitting the down arrow highlights the “…” reflecting the trimmed content, then hitting Enter has the same effect as clicking on it.

As a sort of workaround, if you select-all the text (Ctrl+A) as you start composing, Gmail will unveil the trimmed text.

As a side note, as a Thunderbird user I like its quote-only-highlighted-text feature, and it seems it can be enabled in GmailSettingsLab as well—read here.

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Trimless for Gmail Chrome extension does the trick to solve the problem for Chrome users

Automatically shows trimmed content in Google Mail™.

Expands trimmed parts, removes “Show trimmed content” buttons, sets trimmed text”s color to light gray and indents it to the right. Restores clipped messages as well. You can switch it on and off by simply clicking the scissors icon in the address bar. The color and the size of indentation are fully customizable.

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