How to lock apps on android without app

In a way, our smartphones are treasure troves of private information originating from the countless interactions we have with other people through online applications. Naturally, some people may want to protect such information even from people nearby who would otherwise have access to their phones. that’s why in some cases locking your android phone is not enough: it would be more optimal to lock certain apps and prevent literally anyone from accessing app data.

This article will explain what you need to do if you want to place a screen lock on some mobile apps you use regularly and eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Reading: How to lock apps on android without app

can you lock individual apps on android?

Android supports various third-party applications that are suitable for blocking individual applications and protecting private data. however, you will first need to find an app that works well on your phone. Once you’ve installed the right app, you can simply choose the apps you want to protect, choose a different password than the one you used to lock your entire phone, and continue using your device as normal. every time someone wants to access the protected app, a lock screen will appear and the proper input will be required. just like factory reset protection: google lock will be activated when someone tries to factory reset your phone.

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how to block apps in settings

There is another trick you can use to protect your privacy on android even without any specialized app lock tool. For this, you need to take advantage of the screen pinning option that android phones are equipped with. This is how you can activate this convenient option and use it to block any number of individual apps in android:

Step 1. Open the settings menu on your android smartphone.

Step 2. Choose Biometrics, and within this menu, tap Other Security Settings and then select Advanced.

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Step 3. Choose the window pinning feature and move the slider next to the screen pinning option to the right.

Step 4. Enable the Ask for pin before unpin option and then click Overview.

Step 5. Select the app you would like to pin and tap the pin button for this app.

The exact path through the menu and interface of each popup screen may be slightly different depending on the android version your phone is running on. still, this option is compatible with all phones running android 7 or higher, so you should have no trouble finding the right buttons if you follow the steps above and pay attention to details.

how to lock apps without any app on samsung phone?

If you own a newer generation samsung phone, there may be another app lock method available to you that doesn’t require you to download any third party software. Those samsung models come equipped with the secure folder feature, which effectively serves to lock down the apps you think deserve password protection, also store android data to prevent data loss.

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This feature is very convenient to use and allows you to block any application only with built-in tools, with only several simple steps enough to complete this task. this is what you need to do to block any app you have installed on your samsung mobile device:

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step 1. open the settings menu on your phone and find the biometrics and security tab.

Step 2. Click on this tab and then select the Secure Folder option.

Step 3. Look for a menu near the top of the page and use it to add apps to the folder.

step 4. choose the type of lock you want to use to protect each of the applications; you can choose between password, pin, pattern or biometric data.

The benefits of Secure Folder include the ability to include specific documents and not just applications, which can be very valuable for some users. you can also decide to delete any item from this folder if the need to keep it protected has expired, allowing you to have precise control over its security in a very simple way. that is why this method is recommended to anyone who owns a samsung phone that supports this feature.


You would like to protect individual apps with a special lock for privacy or theft prevention. The android system allows this to be done in a number of ways, you can block apps in settings, some of which may require an external app to be downloaded. things are a little better if you own a samsung device as you will have an additional method to try. in any case, read the steps above and your sensitive data can always be placed behind a layer of security and kept away from any intruder.

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