Get A Notification When Yahoo Email Is Opened In Gmail Or, How To Read A Receipt In Yahoo Email

Being able to tell if your customer has actually opened your mail is something which would make a world of a difference to a sales professional or if you send an urgent mail and want to hear back quickly from that person but time passes and you get no response and wonder if that person read your mail. But not now. In this tutorial, you will learn how to tell if someone read your email on Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo mail.

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How to Tell If Someone Read Your Email on Gmail

How to Tell If Someone Read Your Email on Gmail

The free version of Gmail doesn’t allow you to request a read receipt instead, you have to buy Google’s paid business cloud software G Suite.

If you already have G Suite, you can turn on read-receipt requests in the G Suite Admin Console by following these simple steps:

Go to Apps –> G Suite–> Settings for Gmail.Click on Advanced Settings. Now scroll down to the Email Read Receipts section, where you will find the option: Allow email read receipts to be sent to all addresses in my organization as well as the following email addresses. Switch it to On.

From now on you can click on the bottom right corner of the Compose window to request a read-receipt whenever you are sending an email.

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How to See If Someone Read Your Email Outlook?

Click Options on the top menu bar, now click on Request a Read Receipt to start receiving notifications when your message is opened.

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You can also get notifications when your message is successfully delivered by checking Request a Delivery Receipt.

How to Know If Someone Read Your Email on Yahoo?

According to Yahoo, Yahoo Mail does not provide a “read/return receipt” feature.

If case you’re receiving “read/return receipts” in your Yahoo Mail account, they may be originating from a mobile device, an external email client, or the recipient’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How to Know If Someone Read Your Email on Mozilla Thunderbird?

Follow these simple steps to know when someone reads your email on Mozilla thunderbird:

Click Tools and then Options in the menu.Advanced and now GeneralNow click on Return Receipts button next to Determine How Thunderbird Handles Return Receipts.Select When Sending Messages, Always Request a Return Receipt to enable receipt requesting for all messages that you send. Now choose to Leave it in my Inbox or Move it to my Sent Folder to select where Return Receipts are delivered when they are received. Click Ok to confirm your read receipt settings.

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Best Email Tracking Softwares to Tell If Someone Read Your Email on Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo


Mailtrack is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It will help you know if the emails you have sent have been read or not.

It offers unlimited email trackings.

(✓) means that your email has been sent, but not opened. (✓✓) mean that your email has been opened.

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Using Mailtrack you can see which emails have been read, how long ago and how many times.

One downside of using Mailtrack is that it automatically sends a “Sent with Mailtrack” signature in your email which you can remove by purchasing Mailtrack for $5 a month.

With PRO feature you can send emails without Mailtrack signature, daily email tracking reports, and link tracking.

It is one of the best chrome extension for Gmail and Outlook.


Saleshandy is one of the best email tracking softwares which will tell if someone read your email on Gmail or Outlook.

It provides free unlimited email tracking and scheduling.

It provides desktop notifications about email open and various other data such as user’s location, browser, and device used to view the email.

Saleshandy also supports link tracking which will enable the click and link tracking option on your compose box to track the link.

It has both Gmail and Outlook plugin.

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ContactMonkey: Email Tracking, Salesforce & Mail Merge

ContactMonkey has the best Gmail email tracking and Salesforce integration. It helps you know who opened your emails, clicked your links, from where and using which devices.

You can easily schedule your emails-down to day, hour, and minute.

You can send mass emails up to 200 contacts at once and track their data.

Contact Monkey supports creating, editing, and saving local sales templates, personalized for your recipient.

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It is also compatible with or without Salesforce Email Templates.

It supports a free trial of 14 days.


Yesware is another best software which will instantly tell if someone read your email on Gmail or Outlook.

Using this extension you can see who’s opening your messages, links, and attachments in real-time.


You can create email templates so you can stop spending time rewriting your most commonly used messages.

Yesware also has a feature wherein you can create personalized campaigns and track their engagement stats right from your inbox.

It can automatically sync all your emails, attachments and calls to appropriate Salesforce record in real-time.

As far as Yahoo mail is concerned there is no extension or software which can track the emails in Yahoo mail. You can refer the below guide to know how you can view yahoo mail in Gmail.

Hubspot Sales

With Hubspot Sales, you can see the second your lead opens an email, clicks a link or downloads an attachment.

It has an excellent UI where it surfaces the relevant information at the top of the feed.

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It is highly customizable so much so that you can schedule your emails such that you can get the most number of engagements and clicks.

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So this is a list of 5 best tools with which you will know you if someone read your email on Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

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