How Do I Get Mail Delivered To My House

Anyone who has moved at least once knows that the entire process can be quite overwhelming. there are about 65,782 steps that seem to require an individual packet of paperwork and a varied timeline. An extremely important item to float to the top of the list is anything to do with delivering your mail.

No matter how close or far you move, any address change often results in several tedious steps to ensure safe and accurate delivery of your personal mail and packages. starting with the process of locking your current mailbox and returning the keys, then completing the correct paperwork in a timely manner, all while trying to find your local post office for information and updates…it can be exhausting.

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These steps, while numerous, are quite easy and can be done in less than a day. Once you begin your moving process, follow the basic steps I’ve outlined below to properly route your mail service. then you’re ready to be on your way!

before moving in

Before you start bubble wrapping and taping boxes, talk to your real estate agent about setting up your residential mailbox in your new home. Will you have a private mailbox or will you use the one in the center of your new apartment, townhouse or neighborhood? Determine your exact new mailing address, as USPS will verify it, and use it to forward your mail at least three days before you move.

forward your mail

Previously, homeowners had to physically go to the post office to complete change of address paperwork. now you can easily do it online at the usps website for a minimal cost.

After entering your contact information and old address, you will enter your new address and pay the fee. You should receive your mail at your new address within 7-10 business days of your move date. You can also receive coupons and special offers as a welcome gift to the neighborhood!

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return mailbox keys

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once you sign the papers, pack the boxes and load the truck, don’t forget to hand over the mailbox keys. this process will differ depending on the ownership of the box. If your community mailbox or PO box is owned by USPS, you must turn in your keys to your local post office before you move. the post office will retype the box and lock it for new tenants.

If your mailbox is privately owned, surrender both your mailbox and your house keys. If you rent your mailbox, check with your landlord or leasing company about their requirements. Please do not leave your keys in the mailbox unless specifically instructed to do so, as postmen cannot accept abandoned keys.

when you arrive

After settling into your new home, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the amenities in the neighborhood. Take a look around the community or check with local landlords about regulations for your private mailbox.

community mailboxes

Community mailboxes can save space in your garden and are certainly an environmentally friendly option. these “group mailboxes” give postal workers the ability to deliver mail for the entire area to one central location, saving time and reducing fuel costs and limiting carbon emissions.

It is important to remember, especially in the case of community mailboxes, that the condition of your mailbox is not necessarily the responsibility of the postal service. it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain a condition of safe use or lose their mail service. In the event that you do not own your mailbox, you may contact the owner or the leasing office to notify the owner of the problem.

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private mailbox

Later you can decide to decorate your mailbox with your own style and design. But before you buy supplies, be sure to confirm that your new box will be code compliant. Mailboxes must be of a specific size and construction to receive the Postmaster General’s (PMG) stamp of approval. otherwise it will be unacceptable and you will not receive mail in the mailbox. check with your local postmaster to determine if your plans are approved.

If you choose to buy a new mailbox or make a custom one, you can look at curbside or wall mounted options. If you plan to buy a new door, you may want to consider a door slot. make sure your new mailbox is accessible to your mail carrier and that there is a clear path. For regulations on the size, construction, and location of your new mailbox, see the guidelines provided by USPS online.

locate your local post office

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After identifying a process for receiving mail, new owners will want to know how and where they can send packages. Go online to locate the nearest post office or visit us for information on the package shipping process and hours of operation.

stay in touch with your postal service

Even after your big move, it’s important to keep in touch with your local post office. If you need help holding your mail while you’re on vacation or need to hold a package during your business hours, your local USPS team can help.

lost keys

If you find yourself in a bind with lost mailbox keys, contact the mailbox owner. If your mailbox is owned by USPS, please contact your local post office. You will need to fill out a form and change the keys to your box and replace the locks, and you may also be charged a fee. If your box is owned by a landlord or hoa, contact the person or organization for replacement procedures.

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communicate your change of address

Eventually, your change of address request with USPS will expire. this generally occurs one year from the date your paperwork is processed. This means USPS will stop forwarding your mail to your new address.

With this timeline in mind, it’s very important to communicate your new address to friends, family, magazine or package subscriptions, credit card companies, service providers, medical billing companies, and employers. While you’re making your list, don’t forget to officially change your address on any government-issued ID cards, like your driver’s license and passport.

In the event that your mail is not being forwarded correctly, please contact the sender to ensure that your new and correct address is on file. also contact the post office to discuss options for setting up an extension until your mailing address is fully transferred to all accounts.

you have mail!

The excitement of moving to a new home often comes with many tedious steps, but setting up your mail can be a simple task, if you start early and keep in touch with your mail carrier. Complete your sign-out process by returning your mailbox keys, complete your USPS change of address form, locate your new local post office, and notify your correspondents. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing this process and your mail will be signed, stamped, and delivered to your new home.

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