Your First Contact With A Therapist: The Dos And Don'Ts, Help Writing Email To Potential Therapist

I'm trying to find a new therapist after a year of not seeing anyone. Their website says to email with any inquiries, but I'm struggling to decide what to include in that email.

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So far I have this:


I’m currently searching for a new therapist after almost a year of not seeing anyone. I was wondering if you were accepting any new patients?

I’d love to set up a consultation appointment with you. I’m a student at and will be moving on campus in the Fall, but would still want to begin sessions before that since I don’t live too far away.”

Should I end it here, or should I provide a brief summation of my mental health situation and concerns I'd want to address in therapy?

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Moderator of r/Anxiety, speaking officially3 years ago
Hi! Congratulations on wanting to reach out for professional help again. Your email is awesome. Sometimes therapists may want to speak to you on the phone to set up the appointment, so it may be useful to add what number they can reach you at, what time you're available, and what day(s). Honestly, I think your email is fine as is though

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It can be useful to have your mental health situation typed out, but you don't need necessarily need to include it in the email because of privacy reasons. Instead, you can type up your situation and what you want to address and then bring it with you to your appointment. Then show it to the therapist.

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Original Poster3 years ago

Oh yes I should definitely mention my availability – thanks!

That's a really good idea. My main issue was that I had zero idea of what I should be sharing at this time, so I'll take your advice!

Your response was very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to reply and for being supportive when I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

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