How to disable plain text mode in gmail

In Gmail, I have Verdana specified in the “Default Text Style” setting. When I click remove formatting, it reverts to Sans Serif. What I”d like it to do is just remove the bold or font-size that came with pasted text. Is there a way to configure Gmail so that remove formatting to revert the selected text to Verdana normal with normal size?



After further testing, I observed that the font face will be set to the default if I use FireFox 38.0.5, but Sans-Serif if I use Safari 8.0.6 or MailPlane 3.5.0.

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I have 2 personal Gmail accounts and also one account for my work, where we use Google Apps.

Surprisingly, in my 2 personal accounts, the behaviour is what you want – i.e., when clicking remove formatting, it falls back to your default settings, including any changes you made in your default settings.

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In my work email, however, I have the same problem you are describing.

So I guess it depends on some configuration of the version of Google Apps my company is using. I am afraid that is not something you can configure inside your Gmail account.



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