How to delete folders in gmail

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Learn how to concentrate on a handful of folders, instead of 100s of overwhelming emails.

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Imagine trying to sit the most important exam of your life, on a sidewalk in New York. You”d have people knocking you as they walk by, curious folks enquiring what you”re doing every few minutes, sales people seeing you as an opportunity to approach… It”s fair to say you”re unlikely to get a good grade.

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Of course, in reality we get 3 hours in silence, spaced out from other people, to give it our best shot at achieving a great future.

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They”ll raise you above the chaos, giving you a fresh perspective on Gmail to see just a handful of projects that you can focus on finishing.

How to create folders in Gmail


Open an emailSee the Folder button at the top in the middle? Click it to open the drop down menuChoose Create New to create a new folderGive your new folder a name and click CreateThe email you were looking at in Step 1 when you created the new folder is added to it automaticallyNext time you click a Folder button anywhere in ActiveInbox you”ll see your new folder there

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How to create a sub folder in Gmail


Make sure you”ve already created a folder and then click any of the Folder buttons to open the menuFind the folder you wish to add the sub folder to and click the “more” button (it looks like three dots stacked on top of each other)Select Create sub folderType in a name for your new sub folder and click CreateIf you selected a folder button that was already associated with an email, that will be added to it automatically; if you selected the folder button at the top right, the sub folder will be created without any contents

Removing an email from a folder


If an email is assigned to a folder you”ll see the name of that folder in a grey panel on the right hand side of the messageTo remove the email from that folder just hove the pointer over the message, open the menu on the folder button and click the name of the folder – it”s highlighted in blueThe email will be removed from the folder

How to delete folders in Gmail


Open the Folder menu on any Folder buttonFind the folder you want to delete by clicking the “more” button (it looks like three dots stacked on top of each other)Select Delete from the menuWhen the dialogue box appears, click OKYour folder is deleted – but any emails inside it are returned safely to your inbox

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Focusing on getting things done in a Folder

Above your inbox, you can click the folder icon and open your chosen folder. Once you”re in there, you can drag urgent items to the top, or sort it into digestible chunks (e.g. by due date, or person).


Pinning a popular Folder

If you”re working a lot on a particular folder, you can pin it as a button so it”s much easier to select.


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