How to configure gmail imap on the iphone

April 9, 2010

I”ve found over time that a good tip for using email with Apple Mail is lớn use an IMAPhường. prefix. This lets you control exactly what appears in Apple Mail (especially if you have a lot of email labels).

The first thing to vày is khổng lồ specify a prefix in Apple Mail:

Mail > Preferences Select Accounts, choose your gmail IMAP. account and then select Advanced.

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Enter a value inlớn the field IMAP Path Prefix. I use the prefix IMAP, but this can be anything you want.

Now if you want khổng lồ use a tin nhắn label as a thư mục in Apple Mail, open your browser and go to lớn the tin nhắn web interface. In the tin nhắn interface, you want khổng lồ create labels that start with your prefix. Start by clicking Create new label, you might need to cliông chồng on more to lớn show the links depending on how many labels you already have. Start with the prefix you chose above sầu, then a slash, và then add a name. I”ve got a couple of “tự động filter” labels, one for DM”s & subscription notifications from Twitter that I don”t want in my inbox, so I”ve created a special “twitter” label to associate with this filter.



The effect of doing this is that all of the “normal” labels from tin nhắn like “” và “All Mail” won”t appear in Apple Mail. Only the “inbox” & labels that start with your prefix will be picked up by Apple Mail. I”ve found this improves the performance of Apple Mail when fewer labels/folders need lớn be synchronized. Also if you follow the new official Gmail IMAP + Apple Mail client settings instructions, all the labels you”re not using lượt thích “Sent” & “Trash” won”t clutter up your interface.

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One of my goals with using IMAP.. prefixes was lớn keep my local Apple Mail database small. Before using this tip, some of my Apple Mail mailboxes were extremely large (even after optimizing the database/mailboxes). This made spotlight & Mail sluggish, unresponsive at times & often led lớn Mail crashing. Keeping only the inbox & a few select labels synchronized has cleared up most of my Mail problems.

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One side effect of this, though, is that lớn search your email archive you”ll need khổng lồ use the tin nhắn web interface. Depending on how often you have sầu mix Apple Mail lớn clear out it”s local Sover và Trash mailboxes, you will only be able khổng lồ search relatively recent messages from Apple Mail. Anything older (again depending on how often you clear out Trash, Sent, etc…) can only be found from the tin nhắn website interface. This fits my workflow because I find that gmail”s search interface is generally superior for larger numbers of messages.

The only minor drawbachồng I”ve found is that it becomes trickier to lớn synchronize drafts between the website interface và Apple Mail. I have an IMAP/drafts label associated with the Apple Mail drafts mailbox, but when you save sầu a Draft in the gmail website interface it automatically gets gmail”s system label “draft”, which then gets filtered out of Apple Mail. I don”t often switch between interfaces with messages “in progress”, so I haven”t found this to be too much of a problem.

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This tip also assumes you”re using the recommended client settings which suggest not storing Mail”s Trash, Sent, or Junk mailboxes on the server. If you”re not following those suggestions, you may see Apple Mail creating labels in gmail as it stores things under the IMAP prefix. I recommover following the recommended client config instructions, as there”s no real benefit lớn syncing/storing those Apple Mail folders inlớn email.

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It”s a small tip, but I appreciate the greater stability, performance improvements and cleaner folder interface. Also if you sync your settings with the iPhone, the label mappings and prefix will automatically apply there as well.

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