How to change your gmail background

I want to have a background image while I compose a new message in Gmail. I must be able to type over it. Is it possible?



Was that ‘while you compose a message’ or ‘adding it to the message’ you send? –pavium Dec 31 “09 at 10:54
This is probably counter-productive but I can’t resist: Please, please please please please please for the sake of everyone’s sanity do not add a background image to your emails. You may think it looks pretty but you are not the one reading your emails. 🙂 –Anonymous Dec 31 “09 at 12:52
If you just want an image while composing (and not to send) you can use something like stylish. –Tyler Dec 31 “09 at 19:30
From Gmail help topic:

Rich formatting is not available in Gmail”s basic HTML view or in your signature settings. At this time there is no way to save customized formatting options as a default Gmail setting.

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There is no way to do that with their editor, so no way to make it simple.

However, since such thing is most likely linked to an HTML mail, you can probably do it yourself by writing the email in HTML and putting the background yourself. This is beyond my knowledge, though, and someone else would have to explain how.

Another possibility would be to use Gmail as any mail provider, and send emails from a program like Outlook or Thunderbird, and define background there. But I guess it misses a bit the point, there.

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This may fly in the face of how you want to do it but, you can set up your Gmail account as a regular email (have to enable POP/IMAP in prefs first) Once you”ve done that .. I use Mozilla”s SeaMonkey (think Firefox with an email client) and when composing my messagego to Tools, format page colors and backgroundthen select your background imagepick colors that will show up clearly over itand click ok.

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For me, this is the easiest way to put a background in my messages.I only use a background once in a blue moon but, when you want to, well .. go for it.(sorry it”s not an answer that will work in the web)

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