How to change gmail themes in 4 easy steps

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Your email account is probably not one of the most fun things to deal with. However, there are ways that you can spice up your inbox, one of which is by changing your Gmail wallpaper. After all, a new background can give your phone or laptop a completely new look, so why not your Gmail?

In this article, we’ll show you how to change your Gmail background and customize it with one of your own photos. But first, let’s look at how you can change it to one of the default Gmail themes.

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How to change your Gmail background


If you want to use a default Gmail wallpaper, follow these steps:Log in to your account.Hit the gear icon on the top-right corner.Select See all settings.Go to Themes.Hit Set theme.Pick the theme that you want and click save.

The newer Gmail Quick Settings also lets you change your theme more easily:

Log in to your account.Hit the gear icon on the top-right corner.Under the Theme section, select your favorite theme.

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The best Gmail themes


If you want to change your Gmail background, you will most likely want to choose one that offers this level of customization. Thus, the best Gmail backgrounds are typically the first few that pop up when you select View all.

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These photos range from pictures of animals to famous landmarks and beautiful scenery. If you scroll down further, you will select from a vast selection by clicking on More images. Eventually, you will reach basic themes like solid colors that you can’t customize beyond the basics.

How to change your Google theme to your own picture


You are not just limited to the large selection of default Gmail backgrounds available. It is possible to change your Gmail wallpaper to your own photo for maximum customization. You can also do this in just a few simple steps:Log in to your account.Hit the gear icon on the top-right corner.Select See all settings.Go to Themes.Select My photos.Pick your photo of choice.Hit Select.Click Save.

How to upload pictures to Google Photos


Your Gmail Themes syncs with Google Photos. This is the easy way to upload your pictures to your Google Photos collection, ready to implement into your Gmail background.Drag your selected photos (or videos) onto the screen or click on Upload at the top right of the screen.If you drag them in, that’s all you need to do. If you click upload, simply select your photos from your files.

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Once you have done this, you will be able to select them when you go to change your Gmail background as described above. Just go into the My Photos section, and they will be ready to be used.

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