How to bring unread messages to the top of gmail for Gmail has a feature that lets you filter emails in your sent mail folder to show only unread emails. It makes keeping on top of the email messages in your Gmail inbox a lot easier: An unread email isn”t lost amongst your read messages, helping you follow-up with people if necessary.

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How to filter unread emails in Gmail

To use”s Unread Emails filter:

In Gmail, go to your sent mail folder.Click on the Single Green Check Mark button (located at the top of your inbox, to the left of the Gmail refresh button).


And that”s it! That”s how to find an unread email in Gmail. filters Gmail to display unread messages you”ve sent over the last month.

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This way to view unread emails in Gmail is a lot simpler than if you were to create email filters in Gmail yourself or carry out a Gmail search. There”s no need to use the Gmail search box to search for unread messages. Nor think of which search parameter or search operator to use.

How to delete all unread emails in Gmail

So, you”d like to search for unread emails and delete them from Gmail. Maybe you”ve some old business messages cluttering up your Gmail mailbox. Or you know, for example, that an unread email remains unread because the email address you sent it to isn”t valid. Well,”s Unread Emails filter can help!

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To delete unread emails from your Gmail account:

Apply”s Gmail Unread Email filter to display messages that haven”t been opened.Check the Select All box to select unread mail.Click on the trash icon to delete all unread emails from the past month.

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How to view unread emails in the Gmail app”s Unread Emails filter can”t be used in the Gmail app. It”s only available on desktop. It”s still possible, though, to find unread emails on your phone using

You can also log into your activity dashboard via your phone”s web browser. To view your unread messages, select Unopened Emails from the menu inside your dashboard.

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