How to backup gmail to hard drive on windows 10

Google Mail is an email service provider and it also helps to communicate and transfer data or sharing of information. Google’s Mail servers scan emails for multiple purposes which include filter, malware, and spam. The use of Gmail account is finite and the maximum data it can hold is 15GB and if the user tries to place more than its limit then it leads to non-functioning of Gmail services and data loss.

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So the user’s advice to save their data to secondary storage devices like SD Cards, External Hard Drives. Which helps the users to store their data and access it any time they wished to. Therefore, the below section discusses the manual solution (Google Takeout) to save Gmail email to hard drive.

Quick Guide to Save Emails!

It is quite easy to save Gmail emails to Hard Drive / Computer / PC. For this you need to just follow the steps:

4 Steps to Save Gmail Emails:

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Step 1: – Download and Install the SoftwareStep 2: – Login to your Gmail Account using software panelStep 3: – Select Emails and Required AttributesStep 4: – Select File type to save Gmail Emails to HDD

Why do We Need to Transfer Gmail Emails to Hard Drive or Other Devices?

Due to issues in Gmail, the users prefer to move Gmail to the hard drive. Along with this, the users get frustrated due to its destabilized functioning of Gmail which occurs the inaccessibility of the Gmail account. Due to these users, data may lose completely. So to avoid these issues the user will be suggested to make a full save of email items to the external hard drives. So the physical presence of whole data can be made. Which will really help the users to access their data even the server crash. Even if the data size approach to its maximum size limitation of Gmail the users can delete the data after making a copy of data on the External hard drive.

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Manual Method: Save Gmail Email to Hard Drive

Let’s move on how to transfer Gmail emails to an external hard drive efficiently with its proper step-by-step process.

The Gmail emails can be copied into secondary storage devices like external hard drives as by the Google Takeout services, which help to store the Gmail data into a local machine. As the name mentioned that is the Google Takeout will help to take out the data from Gmail. The main attractive feature is that users can make data filtering that is taking selective data. The Google Takeout will download all the selected data and then it will save in a .zip file(compressed file) in the Secondary storage devices. And this process really helps to save Gmail email to hard drive.

The process is done by the below methods:

1. Visit and Login into your Google Account.

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2. Now, first click on the deselect all button and then select the items need to be saved from Gmail account


3. Next, select the delivery method, file type, and file size for the selected items. 


4. Then, click on the Create Archive button to start the downloading process. As downloading starts, the user have to check the current status on the display

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5. After downloading press the Save button to stored Gmail emails to an external hard drive or to transfer Gmail to SD card. The downloaded file will be a compressed one ie, a .zip file.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Move Gmail to Hard Drive

Go through the following manual method drawbacks while a user tries to copy or save Gmail email to hard drive as mentioned below:

Only limited attempts to download archived filesGoogle Takeout creates issues during its downloading process.Users are unable to download files properly.Highly time-consuming during downloading an archive folder that is nearly 2GB.Really difficult for the normal person (technically unknown persons).

Automated Solution to Save Gmail Email to Hard Drive

Use Gmail Backup Tool to create save Gmail emails on external hard drives. The issues mentioned in the manual method get eliminated and make a user-friendly approach to store Gmail to SD Card / Hard Drive. This software also helps to create the backups of emails, calendars, contacts, etc from single and multiple accounts. The tool also helps to backup data in any file format like PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, PDF, etc. The working of this tool is really simple so no extra knowledge is needed which makes any head-burn.

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5 Simple Steps to Save Gmail Email to Hard Drive are:

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Step 1: – “Download” and “Install” Gmail Backup Software

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Step 2: – Enter your Gmail account credentials for “login”


Step 3: – Select “Category” of Gmail Data and “Apply Filter” option


Step 4: – “Browse” the “location of Hard Drive” to save Gmail emails


Step 5: – Click on “Start” button to start the process



The above content discussed how to save Gmail email to hard drive with the proper manual procedure. The manual method uses the inbuilt function of Gmail that is Google Takeout. Also, we have mentioned the proper limitations of these manual methods. So to avoid the extra burden we have mentioned the third-party tool in the automated solution which helps us to move Gmail to the hard drive.

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