How to add sticky notes in gmail

My iphone 5 is not automatically emailing notes through my gmail account anymore. I used to be able to have Siri “take a note,” and the completed note would be sent via gmail to my computer (PC) for use when I got back to my office. This is an important feature that I rely on constantly and am hoping to find a solution.

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I have enabled “notes” for my gmail account in Settings–Mail, Contacts, Calendars, but it”s still not working. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!

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Ive been experiencing the same, and for weeks have been scouring google to see if anyone else is. You”re the first person who seems to be describing the same thing I”m experiencing.

heres a q: if you add a note to the gmail folder in iOS notes manually Does it sync to your gmail “Notes” label? I realized today that when I add a note that way, my note syncs; it”s only when I have Siri take a note that it doesn”t sync. With Siri the note is placed in iOS notes, but not synced to gmail “Notes” label.

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so from what I can determine, my problem is a Siri problem

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Oct 6, 2015 10:09 AM

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Oct 6, 2015 11:33 AM in response to vinceation In response to vinceation

I manually created a note after the 9.0.2 update and it DID email via gmail, so I thought my problem was solved. Then, after reading your message, I decided to try again. This time–nothing.

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I came across something online that suggests made a decision to only sync through their icloud–which I do not use for work-related content. It”s ironic that the reason I chose an iPhone originally is that they were the first manufacturer that included voice-activated note taking.

It”s time for me to upgrade my phone, so I will have to look at all the options again. This really was the most important feature I need on a phone. There”s nothing better than dictating a note and having it appear in my inbox so I can cut and paste the contents when I get back to my desk. I can still manually email each note to myself, but that”s not as good as what Siri was doing for me before.
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