How much does it cost to mail a letter to puerto rico

How much does it cost to mail a letter to puerto rico

Mailing a postcard or letter within the United States is fairly simple: in most cases, you can affix a single stamp to the top left corner and send it on its way. However, when you start sending mail beyond the confines of the continental United States, the postage requirements become much more complex.

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One of the places that causes the most confusion is Puerto Rico. A territory of the United States (surrounded by the ocean), Puerto Rico is a mix of domestic and international shipping policies. This article outlines the best carriers for shipping to Puerto Rico, the shipping requirements for Puerto Rico Mail, and the postage required for standard postcards, envelopes, and packages.

best mailing companies to puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States that includes 143 islands, cays, islets and atolls. It’s located 2,191 miles southwest of the continental United States, which makes shipping between the two locations a bit more complicated than standard domestic shipping.

The United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (Fedex), and United Parcel Service (UPS) ship to Puerto Rico. USPS is the best option for most shipments to Puerto Rico because USPS considers Puerto Rico a domestic shipping zone. this means that you can use national prices and delivery times.

Fedex and UPS use international rates for shipments to Puerto Rico. this means that packages take longer to arrive and are usually more expensive. however, there are certain scenarios where fedex and ups are still the best option.

usps only allows a maximum weight of 70 pounds per package. If you’re shipping something that weighs more than 70 pounds, UPS will be your most affordable option. Also, if you need your package to arrive as quickly as possible, fedex is the best option for urgent overnight delivery.

Since USPS is the best option for most shipments to Puerto Rico, the postage rates in this item reflect USPS prices.

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postage to send postcards to puerto rico

postcards can be shipped via usps using domestic postage rates. To send a postcard to Puerto Rico, you will need $0.40 postage. you can use a postage stamp ($0.40) or a first-class forever stamp ($0.58).

usps defines postcards as rectangular cards having dimensions between 3.5x5x0.007 inches and 4.24x6x0.016 inches. cards that are outside these dimensions (or are not rectangular) require additional postage.

postage to send standard envelopes to puerto rico

envelopes can be shipped to puerto rico using domestic postage rates with usps. To send an envelope weighing less than one ounce to Puerto Rico, you’ll need $0.58 postage. you can also use a first class forever stamp ($0.58).

If your envelope weighs more than one ounce, you will need an additional $0.20 in postage for each extra ounce.

USPS defines standard envelopes as envelopes that have dimensions between 3.5 x 5 x 0.25 inches and 6.125 x 11.5 x 0.25 inches. If your envelope is not rectangular or does not fold, your envelope will be considered non-machinable, meaning it will need to be sorted by hand. non-machinable envelopes require an additional $0.21 in postage.

postage to send large envelopes to puerto rico

large envelopes can be sent to puerto rico using domestic postage rates with usps. USPS considers large envelopes to have dimensions between 6.125 × 11.5 × 0.75 inches and 12x15x0.75 inches.

the postage required to send large envelopes depends on the weight of your envelope:


postage required

stamps required

1.0 ounce

1 global forever stamp ($1.30) or 2 first class forever stamps ($1.16)

2.0 ounces

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3.0 ounces


4.0 ounces


5.0 ounces


6.0 ounces


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7.0 ounces


8.0 ounces


9.0 ounces


10.0 ounces


11.0 ounces


12.0 ounces



USPS considers large envelopes weighing more than 13 ounces to be packages and therefore reflect the price in the next section.

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postage to send packages to puerto rico

The postage required to ship packages to Puerto Rico is based on the size and weight of the package. You can calculate the cost of shipping your package using the USPS Shipping Price Calculator.

To use the USPS shipping price calculator, follow these steps:

  1. follow the link to the usps shipping price calculator.
  2. See also: Update the IDE and SDK Tools

  3. in the “what is the country of destination” dropdown, select “puerto rico”.
  4. enter the zip codes for your shipping location and destination.
  5. enter the date and time you plan to ship your package.
  6. select the type of package you want to ship .
  7. A new page will appear with the price of various shipping options in your area.

You can choose the shipping method of your choice based on the desired delivery date. Once you’ve determined the shipping method you want to use, you can print a label with USPS Click & Ship.

Delivery times to Puerto Rico

The average delivery time for postcards and premium envelopes shipped with usps is 1-3 days. The average delivery time for postcards and envelopes sent by fedex and ups is usually between 3 and 7 days.

Package delivery times depend on the carrier and shipping method selected. It should be noted that while most USPS package deliveries to Puerto Rico reflect domestic prices and times, certain delivery services will require additional postage to maintain domestic times. These delivery services include Express Priority Mail, Priority Mail, USPS Retail Ground, and Bound Printed Matter.

customs forms for shipments to puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, so customs forms are not required.

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Puerto Rico mailing address

addresses in puerto rico are similar to those in the continental united states. addresses must be completed as follows:

nameurbanization (if necessary)addresscity, state zip code


john smithurb maple valley111 calle 123bayamón, puerto rico 00959

Additional information about each line of the address is discussed below:

line 1: name

This line should reflect the name of the person or company you are sending to.

line 2: urbanization (if necessary)

In Puerto Rico, it is possible to have duplicate street names and addresses within the same zip code. To differentiate between these addresses, Puerto Rico uses urbanizations. Urbanizations are written with the identifier “urb”, followed by the name of the urbanization.

line 3: postal address

When typing the street address, you’ll want to pay close attention to the order of the elements within the address. In many Puerto Rico addresses, the street type or suffix will come before the street name. for example, instead of writing 111 123rd street, you would write 111 123rd street.

Also, most street names use Spanish street suffixes. for example, you will see “calle” instead of “street” or “avenida” instead of avenue. it is essential to use the appropriate language for these suffixes. if you translate the suffix to another language, your mail may not be deliverable.

line 4: city, state zip code

The city, state, and zip code will follow the same format as addresses in the continental United States. When completing this line, you’ll want to include “Puerto Rico” as your state.

For additional information on shipping within the United States and internationally, please see shipping and postage information at

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