How does gmail pop work?

Connecting your Gmail account to multiple email clients via a POP or IMAP server can cause conflicts that result in missing messages. Enabling Gmail recent mode ensures that all of your Gmail messages make it to all of your preferred email clients.

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What Is Gmail Recent Mode?

Microsoft Outlook and iPhone Mail download messages from your Gmail account every 15 minutes. When you have both programs connected to Gmail, the two compete for new mail. Whichever checks first after a new email has arrived fetches it and hides it from all programs and devices that check the same Gmail account later.

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Recent mode offers a solution to this inconvenience. With recent mode enabled in your email program or mobile device, Gmail will send it the last 30 days” mail, even if it has already been downloaded elsewhere.

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Get All Your Gmail in All Programs and Devices

To use Gmail”s recent mode to fetch all mail even if you have already downloaded it elsewhere:

The screenshot below are of Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365, but the steps apply to all email programs capable of connecting to Gmail via POP or IMAP.

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Precede your email address with recent: in the Account name field. For example, if your username was



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