How do i transfer contacts from blackberry to gmail?

Migrating your contacts – address book from the Android platsize to lớn the new BlackBerry Z10 is as easy as setting up the Gmail account khổng lồ which your contacts are linked & enabling sync contacts during the setup process. Now what most of you don’t know is that by mặc định, all new contacts entered into the Z10 are stored on your SIM thẻ. Yep! That’s right and what’s more you don’t have sầu an option lớn choose where these contacts are stored.

I’ve gone through the change log for the upcoming BlackBerry OS 10.1 and I still don’t see where this issue is tackled so in the mean time, here’s a work around to getting new contacts stored on the Z10 to sync to lớn your Google Gmail account

Simply go khổng lồ the Contacts application, swipe down from the top bezel khổng lồ reveal the liên hệ menu then click on Settings. Scroll down the settings page & under SIM card, cliông chồng on Import Contacts from SIM Card.

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