How do i add contacts to my thunderbird address book from google contacts? or from a v card?

Windows Live Mail is the e-mail program included in the Windows 7 operating system image. Outlook Express was the free e-mail available in Windows XP but is not available in Windows 7 or Vista.
Your computer may have a 30-60 day subscription to Microsoft Office which includes Outlook for e-mail. At the end of the trial period, Outlook will stop working and you will need to use a different e-mail program such as Windows Live Mail. If you have upgraded from another operating system to Windows 7, and do not have Windows Live Mail, you can download the program by clicking the Windows Live Mail link to download from the Microsoft web site. There are also third-party mail clients available.

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You can configure your e-mail accounts in Windows Mail, export your messages and contacts from Outlook Express or other email programs and import them to Windows Live Mail on Windows 7.
Setting up your e-mail account is a simple process as long as you have the information that you need available. To prepare for setting up your e-mail account(s) in Windows Live Mail or most other e-mail programs, make sure you have the following information from your current e-mail provider.
When you have the required information and you are ready to configure your e-mail account(s) in Windows Live Mail, follow these steps.
Enter your information in the fields, select Manually configure server settings for e-mail account and then click Next.
Your email account should be configured into Windows Live Mail and you will be able to manage, send and receive messages from multiple accounts if you decide to add others.

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If you already have an e-mail account from Microsoft Outlook Express, you can export the information you have to a file and select which information you would like to have access to on your Windows Live Mail account. This is a quick and easy method, so you do not have to manually forward all of each your messages and contacts.
Click Start, enter outlook express, and select Outlook Express when it becomes available in the list.
Select text file or .csv file, click Save as, and then click browse to determine where you would like to place the file.
Once you have exported the information you would like into a file, you can import your messages and contacts so that they can be used in Windows Live Mail. You can also change the mapping of the contacts and messages so that they are organized to your preference, such as arranging your contacts last name, first name rather than first name, last name.
In the Windows Live Contacts window, click File, Import, and then select the type of file you used to save your imported your contacts and messages.

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Decide which fields you want included in your address book or message folders. You can also change the mapping to the information such as changing names to appear first, last or last, first.
If you do not want to use Windows Live Mail, there are several third party e-mail clients available. Some popular third-party e-mail clients are Pegasus Mail for Windows, Mozilla Thunderbird, and DreamMail.

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