How can i tell what “internal error” in google mail app

For a couple of days now I”ve had error messages when viewing my mail in the Google Mail app.In the beginning the error was displayed when loading mails further down the list.

Watching: How can i tell what “internal error” in google mail app

By now I won”t see any mails at all first entry is “Internal error”

Since these issues started the notifications of new mails has stopped working as well and I could not open certain mails (with and without attachments)

How can I get to the bottom of this?

Thanks, seb


It sounds like the database is corrupted. I would go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications and clear the data for Gmail and Gmail Storage. If that doesn”t work, try clearing the data for everything Google (Talk, Google Framework Services, etc.).

Glad your problem is resolved. However, to answer the question a little more directly, there are logs where additional information for things such as this often exist. You can download System Info from ElectricSheep and you can view the logs here. It”s very unfriendly but is sometimes helpful.

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