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Often, the business voicemail greeting acts as the first direct communication message, sent to customers if no one can answer the incoming call. that is why it must be solid, professional and reliable. Your holiday voicemail greeting can have a personal touch and even spread the holiday spirit. Read 9 holiday greeting scripts to enhance your customers’ holiday experience.

It’s not long before Christmas Eve. you had a crazy week full of numerous unforeseen issues, thankfully all successfully resolved. for the festive week the company will be closed and you will enjoy a well-deserved rest.

You cannot wait to close the door, to turn the key and to head towards the Christmas party… and right then you remember something very and really important you forgot – to inform your dear customers about the change in the company’s business hours.

There are many ways this vital information can reach your current or future customers, and yet there is only one tool that is guaranteed to be heard by all: the voicemail message. set up your vacation voicemail greetings with mixvoip and your customers will be informed in advance.

“we believe recording a holiday voicemail greeting is the easiest, friendliest, and safest way to spread the word about company business hours during the holidays.”

so, embrace the enhanced capabilities of your cloud phone system and let it serve your business communication needs. all you need to provide is a thoughtful and relevant message. after all, you want to leave the caller with a positive attitude, despite not immediately reaching the person you need.

the message

The business voicemail greeting typically acts as the first direct communication message, delivered to customers or prospects if no one can answer the incoming call. That’s why it’s important to sound solid, professional, and trustworthy.

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Your holiday voicemail greeting should also meet these requirements, but can have a personal touch and even spread the holiday spirit.

Finally, this type of voicemail message is mostly informational, so when you think about your script, you should include the following details:

  • for what period the business is closed or operates with modified opening hours
  • when will it reopen and return to its standard working hours
  • if there is an emergency person how to contact him/her
  • you can add the company website for more news and information
  • to separate it from the standard business voicemail, don’t forget add holiday wishes to the beginning or end of the greeting.
  • be concise: the caller should get important information quickly, avoiding the frustration of a long and confusing announcement.

“Holiday voicemail greeting is the perfect opportunity to personalize the usually neutral corporate communication.”

9 Scripts for Vacation Voicemail Greetings

We’ve listed several great voicemail message ideas below, depending on your business needs.

1. happy [x vacation]! has contacted [company name]. We are closed from [x date] to [x date] for the celebration of [x holiday]. On [x date] we will reopen, resuming our standard business operations from [x hours] to [x hours]. I look forward to hearing from you after [x date].

2. hello! has arrived at [company name]. We are closed for [x holiday] from [x date] to [x date]. we will reopen on [x date] with regular business hours from [x hours] to [x hours]. In case of an emergency, please contact [employee name] at the following number

or you can send an email to [email address]. thanks for calling! happy holidays!

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3. Thank you for contacting [company name]. it’s [x holiday] time and our equipment is out of service on [x date] and [x date]. you can contact us again on [x date] from [x hours] to [x hours]. If your request is urgent, please call [employee name] at the following number

or you can send an email to [email address]. Have a happy and merry holiday!

4. hello! Thank you for calling [company name]. we are closed on [date x]. please call us after [x date] during our regular business hours of [x hours] to [x hours] and we will be happy to help you with your request. May your holidays be happy!

5. Thank you for contacting us at [company name]. please note that during the [x holiday] our working hours change. On [x date] we are open from [x hours] to [x hours] and on [x date] – from [x hours] to [x hours]. For emergencies, please call the number below

or email us at [email address]. Happy holidays from our entire team!

set a good voicemail message for christmas. hurry up, it’s free until December 19!

6. happy Holidays! You have contacted [x department] at [company name]. we are out of the office from [x date] to [x date] as the entire company is closed for [x holiday]. we will be available again on [x date] from [x hours] to [x hours]. It’ll be a pleasure to talk to you, so don’t forget to call us during our standard business hours.

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7. Thank you for calling [company name]. During [x holiday] we are closed from [x date] to [x date]. On [x date] we reopen with our standard business hours from [x hours] to [x hours]. For more information, you can visit our website [www.]. merry and merry christmas!

8. happy Holidays! thank you for contacting [company name]. please note that this weekend we will be working with an extended work schedule, from [x hours] to [x hours]. [company name] will close on [date x] and will reopen on [date x] with regular business hours.

9. hello! Thank you for calling [company name]. We are currently closed for Christmas as Santa needed urgent help with the preparation of the gifts. We will be available again on [date x] with our standard business hours. until then, happy holidays!

It is not only what you say but how you say it

If you decide to internally record your vacation voicemail, don’t forget to apply several rules of thumb:

  • speak slowly
  • speak clearly
  • speak rhythmically
  • follow the script strictly
  • let your voice sound authentic

To set up a good voicemail message, follow our guide here. hurry up, it’s free until December 19th!

In case you do not feel confident about registering it within your company, we can do it for you. contact us for a quote.

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