Hoàn tác nhập là gì? cách tắt undo typing trên iphone, ipad

how to stop gmail from deleting emails This is a topic that many people are looking for. httl.com.vn/en is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, httl.com.vn/en would like to introduce to you HOW TO DELETE A SENT EMAIL ON GMAIL..

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. Following along are instructions in the video below: ” s up guys. We should be welcome back to another video. And it s and and it s been a quite a bit vile that i m not uploaded a guys like i ve loaded my last video about two weeks ago. And it s gonna be a while so so i put that and once again ah and i m sorry and i m kinda like feeling pleased to say thanks for giving me hundreds of this these hundred subs means a lot for me.

And this i can like a price to me for making all these fifty videos and this is the thing that gives me that oxygen to keep making videos and reserves. And i m pretty much proud of that and we don t any further hey. Let s get to the video..


Okay so today s video is gonna be topic on how to delete your sent emails. So just imagine how severe sending a very important email to someone and it s very very important and you re just typing in a pillow. I guess my spelling s wrong. No matter what find my phone okay so that s kind of a joke for someone.

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And i hit this end and that all of a sudden. I remember oh that was no good. I ve done something wrong so i want to delete this..



But i cannot because i m not a kinda like enable that option for deleting that email. But but next time when you re gone. And doing this you won t be running into trouble by not having the option delete it let s begin first of all click on there hit this subscribe side up so in the settings out. I can on corner click on the settings.

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Where it is very long like and it will show your face like this and then you will see something which is showing you unable undo send click on this then choose on the time period up to 30 seconds and i ll compose the email back to your modern friend. Oh. Then just type a good once again hello..



This is just for trials and then i had the sandman and all of a sudden. I remember that wait a minute there was a spelling mistake. But no i can t once again on do it cause. I had not done this save changes.

One and once you ve done all these things save changes go on a level and then once again you re gonna click on compose and just send your message and then hello whatever and and all of a sudden you type something wrong. And you just want to send it and and you can do this time you can undo it cause i drive something wrong. And i can actually undo it so once you re done its undoing it will love her tenderly laughs gonna i you might have noticed that it was 2 and now it s 3 so this how this thing goes..

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If you find this thing. Helpful give it a thumbs up beneath and pleasure this video. Even the friends so that they can also know how to delete a send messages on gmail once again as always thanks watching this video and once again ” ..


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