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Don’t have birthday reminder apps installed on your phone? trust me, you will need it. install one on your phone before it’s too late!

I’m sure we’ve all been through the same embarrassing moment before: forgetting about birthdays!

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some people don’t consider it a big deal. Still, forgetting a family member’s birthday can put you in a tough spot.

Forgetting a friend’s birthday is another story. I’ve heard stories where friendships ended because someone forgot his birthday.

strange, isn’t it?

But thanks to social media, you won’t have to forget anyone’s birthday anymore. still, there is a problem with birthday reminders on these sites.

some people put birthdays wrong or hide them. if this is the case, then you are doomed!

well, not really.

because there are birthday reminder apps you can download right now.

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never forget birthdays with the best birthday reminder apps for android

We have created some sensible reminder apps so that you never forget the birthday of a family member or a close friend. never.

Go through our short but helpful list and install the ones you’d like to use based on their features and how you’d use the app.

who knows? it’s possible that you already have one of them installed and you’re just not using it correctly.

These apps usually remind you of birthdays and other things too, so enjoy the list!

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10 best birthday reminder apps for android

1. google calendar

google calendar is the obvious item on this list as it is compatible with all android devices.

It may be the standard calendar app for some android devices, but you can easily use it to remember the birthdays of your friends and family.

You can even connect your Facebook account to Google Calendar to make remembering birthdays even easier.

The application is free to download and very easy to use. And really, if you’re the type that owns a smartphone and doesn’t have a digital calendar as a reminder app, then you really should learn this now.

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2. Facebook

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again, this is another “obvious” app to use for birthday reminders. facebook already has most of your closest friends as contacts.

It also has your birthday details, so the app reminds you when a birthday is happening.

Facebook is excellent for many things, since it is the giant of social networks. but it also remembers birthdays pretty well, and people on facebook are less likely to forget a birthday now.

of course, the application is only as good as the data it has. if your friends don’t enter their birthdays, then you won’t get a reminder.

if your friends aren’t on facebook, then the problem is the same.

but as a general birthday reminder app for android, facebook works fine.

3. birthday for android

As the name of the application suggests, the application does one thing and does it well. birthday for android reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions that you enter in the app.

synchronizes with your contact list. so if you have your google or facebook contacts, you can import the data from there.

Other features include remembering what day of the week a particular birthday falls on. You can also export data to your storage, so you can transfer to another android device easily.

4. birdays – birthday reminder

We don’t know if the developer of this app called birdays was just trying to be cute, but here it is. The app logo makes it look like it’s a productivity app, and that’s the vibe you get when you use this birthday reminder app.

It does the main thing well, which is reminding you of birthdays, but it also has other features.

You can check who’s upcoming birthdays in a “by month” view. you can also check which famous personalities have the same birthday as you or with your friends.

The app has a pretty nice interface and looks modern overall, unlike other birthday reminder apps. The app is free to download, so check it out.

5. to make reminder with alarm

If you missed important tasks and things to do because your memory fails you, you’ll be that guy who forgets birthdays too.

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It’s great that this reminder app does its job reminding you of tasks, and even reminds you of birthdays!

So, for the multitude of things you need to remember—daily work tasks, meetings, lunch and dinner dates, and even things to buy at the grocery store—we all need an app to remind us.


call reminder app reminds us of these things, and even reminds you of your friends’ and family’s birthdays. The app syncs this information from Facebook, Google, and your phone book, so it can remind you to greet your friends on time.

That’s a big plus when the app also reminds you of other important things. download it for free from the following link.

6. contacts birthday

To use contact birthdays, you need google contacts. you need to sync it with google app to get better special event reminders.

The best thing about the app is how easy it is to use. Also, the look is basic and modern compared to other apps that give you the early 2000s vibe.

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You can add as many reminders as you like for a single contact, so you don’t get overwhelmed by a list of too many reminders.

7. birthday countdown

if birthdays are really a big deal in your family and circle of friends, then birthday countdown can help you.

unlike the other birthday reminder apps on the list, birthday countdown will keep track of how far it is until the big event.

will show you how many days are left until the last second. once the countdown is over, you will receive a notification of the event.

This is great if you want to prepare for someone’s birthday. by using this app you will know how much time you have left and if you can still go ahead with your plans.

8. birthday calendar reminder

The overall look of the birthday calendar reminder is just too adorable not to include on this list.

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you will have a view of the whole year with balloons marking the birthdays you add. you can set an option to receive reminders.

If your family and friends have the same app installed on their phones, you can share the calendar you have. it is also possible to export and synchronize events saved in an existing calendar.

however, you will need to pay a small amount to unlock additional features.

9. my birthday reminder

my birthday reminder is a great app for busy and forgetful people.

In addition to reminding you of birthdays, you can also use the app to make eCards! upload a photo of the celebrant, edit it and send the eCard.

For its birthday reminder tool, it is simple and easy to understand. You can also use it to remember meetings, anniversaries, and other special events.

10. shared family calendar: famcal

last on the list is the famcal, the shared family calendar. using this will reduce your chances of forgetting birthdays in your family.

You must sign in with a family account. you can do this or ask another family member if they already have one.

then you can set schedules, add reminders, and even plan with your family.

The good thing is that you don’t need to set up reminders if someone has already done it. you can trust your family to do it.

frequently asked questions

forgetting birthdays is a thing of the past with these birthday reminder apps for android!

Getting an app that reminds you of important information isn’t just about being up-to-date with today’s technology, it’s also about doing the right thing.

I really don’t want to be that person who can’t remember important things, so I bought an app to remind myself of things.

Take my advice, be a better person and start using technology to help you remember things because that’s what technology is supposed to do: make your life more comfortable.

Tell us which apps you used and leave us a comment on which one you like best.

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