How do I correct Guce Yahoo and check for hacking?

When I logged into my yahoo account today it directed me to a website “” but I realize this is not my normal url for yahoo. Fortunately my computer will not let me connect to this sight but it also keeps redirecting me to it so I can”t open the real yahoo. I can connect when I go in through firefox. How do I correct this and check for hacking? I have had this account for years.

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Just found on the Yahoo Forum that Oath is now part of Yahoo and this is not a hack. But it definitely is a pain, I don”t want to delete all of my cookies and clear my cache just because Yahoo has rolled out something so poorly. I would like to read this in English and not Spanish. I would like to move on if I click on “acepto” or on “mas tarde”.
I can connect when I go in through firefox.If one browser is working correctly and another is not then obviously the problem is on your end, specifically with that browser that”s having the problem. You aren”t “hacked” but your problem browser may have had something installed into it. Try clearing that browser”s cache and cookies to see if that helps. Which browser by the way? If it allows addons/extensions check to see what you have installed. Are you running any anti-virus programs? Temporarily turn them off.
Thanks for the quick reply. It is Safari that will not allow me to open my connection to yahoo mail (it seems to take me to the first page (email id) correctly and then the password page correctly (i.e. the url seems correct) but when I press return on that page it connects to the “guce” page. I have reset safari and cleared the cache and cookies. Also restarted the computer (Apple, Macbook air 2011). There are no add ons/extensions. When I use Firefox the same yahoo login process takes me to a japaneese script yahoo mail page. It doesn”t do this (the japanese) for any other website.Again , thanks for any help.

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I use a 2010 Mac Pro still running 10.6.7 but I use Firefox. So I am not sure what to suggest other than maybe: Hit it with a “sledge hammer”, i.e., basically start from scratch (almost). In other words export your bookmarks, reset safari (does yours have a menu item for that?) or delete the ~/Library/Safari folder. Restart safari and import your bookmarks. I singled out the bookmarks since I assume you want to preserve at least them.Ask the Macbook Air Apple Support forum. See what they suggest.
Will deleting my library/safari folder also delete all the emails currently stored by yahoo? Safari is working fine for all else.

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The page that comes up is in Spanish on my computer. I am totally prevented from getting to my email.
Fair warning.. I”ve used AOL mail for over 13 years. I”m retired IT and have good security and set-up with no-pop ups/ outgoing email encrypted etc.  However, since Oath (Verizon) took over – my mail was hacked. not Spammed – hacked. A specific piece of mail from earlier this summer was resent with added wording to a financial person, asking them to pay a bill. Since no account info was ever in my eamils, there were none in the hacked resend – nor in the gmailaccount.coached “fake” invoice. They were asking for payment in the amount of 18,000$+. The company on the invoice was legit, but they did not send the invoice nor email. Luckily the financial person (known to me) called and said my mail had been hacked. I tried calling local police/local RCMP (I”m in Canada), federal RCMP – none were interested. Called AOL/Norton (my additional security/Verizon/ each said “not our problem”. My passwords are a complex algorythm so I don”t think that is what happened. I personally feel that once Verizon(OATH) took over, the mail was rerouted/saved and it was accessed by someone in one of the MANY Oath/Verizon companies. I”m not letting this go – but in the meantime, all my passwords on everything have been changed and I”m in the process of closing down my AOL mail. I feel this was a rather sophisticated hack and done by an insider. So very not impressed. I posted the issue I noticed (rerouting of mail to GUCE adertising on norton notice board. – no resolution. The privacy agreement required now on AOL (and I assume Yahoo) is really not acceptable to anyone who values their privacy. I should have gotten out of AOL immediately.

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