Google’s gmail finally a registered trademark in the us

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December 19, 2012

In April of this year Germany’s GoogleWatchBlog reported that the domain had finally been transferred to Google and would be official as of May 18, 2012. Google later contacted the Germany blog to confirm that “legal disputes over the use of the trademark Gmail and the respective domains” were closed in Germany. Patent Bolt recently noticed that Google had been granted a Registered Trademark Certificate for Gmail in the US and yet no record was of it had been made public, until now.  Our report shows you the official certificate registering Gmail. On another front, Google has been granted a registered trademark for their “Trusted Store” logo. The logo is associated with the Google Wallet program.

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The US Patent and Trademark Office Registered Google’s Gmail Trademark

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Google’s Supplied Logo Design



Google’s trademark was officially filed under International Class 038 specifically covering “Electronic mail services for data and voice; instant messaging services; provision of video conferencing services; and text messaging services.” The original filing date is noted as being February 08, 2012 under application 85537636.


Google’s Trusted Store Logo is now a Registered Trademark


A more recent trademark that was registered by the USPTO involves Google’s “Trusted Store” Logo which was issued under number 4,252,788 on December 04, 2012. 


Google’s trademark was officially filed under International Class B which specifically states the following: “coveringprovides information on the delivery record and number of issues consumers have with the e-commerce site vendor displaying the certification mark; assists consumers in resolving issues with the e-commerce vendor site displaying the certification mark.”




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