Gmail web: weather based themes gone?

I love sầu surprises! Today (21st of November 2008), when I opened Gmail lớn kiểm tra for new emails, I had lớn vày a double-take. The Gmail homepage had changed. Instead of the blvà (and simple) page that I had grown accustomed to lớn there was a big image of a mountain stretched across the screen.

You are reading: Gmail web: weather based themes gone?


A brief message, right under the Gmail biệu tượng công ty proudly announced the availability of Gmail themes. One can now customize the interface with color và images. This was something I HAD to see.

Personalizing your account with Gmail themes

Gmail themes are found under the Settings (where else?). Cliông xã the gear inhỏ, choose Mail Settings và then move to the Themes tab. There are now 39 themes to lớn choose from which means you can have sầu a new one for each day of the month. And there is more…


Themes like Zoozimps and Candy have sầu cartoon characters (cute!). Terminal is really techie & changes the Gmail interface to lớn 80s monochrome terminal monitor along with fixed-spaced phông (Courier, most probably).


Choosing a theme is very simple. Just click on it & the interface will change immediately. If it doesn’t suit your tastes just select another one.

Some Gmail themes will ask for your location (Country/Region and City). They use this information to determine the time at your region & change the colors and images appropriately. So, for example, if you log in at the Gmail account in the night, the photograph which was sunbathed during the day would turn to lớn a night image. Having said that, I am not entirely sure why the user needs to lớn enter this information because lớn know the local time, the programmers could have simply used JavaScript… Or maybe there is more to it. Maybe knowing the location could change the theme colors & image depending on the weather. I counted 10 Gmail themes that ask for the user location – Tree, Beach, Mountains, Summer Ocean, Phantasea, Graffiti, Planets, Bus Stop, Ninja & Tea House.

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Which Gmail theme did I selected?

I chose the Shiny theme if you really want to lớn know. No cartoony or xinh đẹp characters for me… I like my screen to be clean without distracting elements. I could have stuông xã with the mặc định but I had lớn try this out – at least for a few days.

Candy and Tea House were too “girly” for me (if you know what I mean) & Terminal was such an eye sore (though it did bring back memories of the “good ol’ days”). The Planets theme was one that I did consider using – loved its night time photograph – but decided against.

How can you make your own Gmail themes?

So you want khổng lồ create your own Gmail theme? As of February 20, 2009, you can now vày this easily & have sầu a personalized Gmail interface with customized colors và background images.

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Cannot see Gmail themes – missing from account

If you don’t see Gmail themes in your tài khoản, rest assured you haven’t been discriminated against. The themes feature are not missing, you are simply not using the correct Gmail version or working on an unsupported web browser – read Gmail themes missing/absent from account to lớn know more.

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