Gmail shows a wrong number of unread inbox mails

I tried to use the code “In:anywhere is:unread” to to a preliminary troubleshooting, but Gmail seemed to still shows that there is one unread mail in my inbox. This happened only after I transferred my old Gmail account to a new one. How do I fix this problem?



Search for in:inbox is:unread. That”ll find any unread messages in your inbox.

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in:anywhere searches everywhere, including spam and trash.

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You can only mark blocks of 100 messages at the time. Use browse function to choose different blocks and find your unread message, up to the right. (Ex: “”)


I tried the above but got too many messages in the SPAM filters that Gmail does for you but this search string worked to find the single culprit:

in:inbox is:unread -label:social -label:promotions

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