Use The Gmail App To Send And Receive Email, Gmail Account Set Up And Management For Seniors

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If you want to learn how to use Gmail, Envato Tuts+has some great Gmail tutorials to get you started. We even have Gmail tutorialvideos to help you learn more quickly.

Watching: Use the gmail app to send and receive email

Helping you learnhow to use Gmail is why we created the tutorial series, Howto Use Gmail (Ultimate Beginner Guide). But, there are over a dozen Gmail tutorials in that series. There areeven more tutorials in our series for advanced Gmail users. Knowing where to start can be achallenge.


Are you ready to learn Gmail with the best beginner tutorials?

In this article, I”ve suggest an order for you to move through our Gmail tutorials for beginners that will help you learn Gmail more easily. This list highlights the Gmail features you are most likely to use.

Of course, if you already understand a Gmail topic or don”t need to use that feature, feel free to skip that Gmail tutorial and move on to the next.

Ready to kickstart your Gmail learning? Let”s getstarted.

1. How to Create a New Gmail Account (With Gmail Tutorial Video)


This Gmail tutorial helps you learn how to create a Gmail account.

It”s a Gmail basic, but it”simportant. If you”re going to learn how to use Gmail, you need to have anaccount. This tutorial will help you to jumpstart your Gmail experience withstep-by-step instructions on how to create a Gmail account.

The quick start guide begins byreviewing the advantages of Gmail. From there, you can watch a video on how tocreate a Gmail account. There are also detailed written steps withillustrations if you need them.

Here”s a link to the tutorialand video:

2. How to Compose and Send Your First Email with Gmail (+Gmail TutorialVideo)


Compose and send a message with this Gmail email tutorial.

After you”ve installed Gmail,you can use it immediately. In this Gmail tutorial, you”ll learn the basics ofcreating and sending a message. Review the quick video tutorial and study the detailsin the written guide.

The tutorial goes beyond thebasics of creating a Gmail message. You”ll learn about a fewextras—like how to format your message, how to attach a file, and how to addemojis. It also discusses the basics of forwarding and replying to messages.

To get started creating Gmailmessages, jump over to:

3. Howto Work with Gmail Passwords Safely & Not Get Hacked


In this Google email tutorial, discover how to keep your Gmail secure.

This is one of the most essential Gmail tutorials for beginners to learn. If you use email or any type of online account and you”renot worried about security, you should be. Nearly every week, the news isfilled with accounts of yet another security breach. Needless to say, Gmailsecurity is one of the most important topics you can learn about.

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This Gmail email tutorial begins by focusing on passwords. Discoverthe difference between a strong password and a weak one. Also, learn how tostore your password more securely.

Next, lean about the importance of userauthentication. User authentication techniques are how Gmail determines whetherit”s really you using the account. They include security questions, phonecodes, and other methods.

The helpful email tutorial goes on to explain other securityprecautions you should take. It also provides step-by-step guides on how tochange your password and how to set up 2-step verification.

Take your Gmail learning further. To explore this important Gmail tutorial, go to:

4. How to Find Your Google Gmail Contacts and Organize Them Better(+Gmail Tutorial Video)


This handy Gmail email tutorial explains how you can organize your contact list.

Have you ever wanted to send someone an email message—onlyto realize that you”ve lost their email address? Creating and managing yourGmail contacts list is one way to make sure you always have the information youneed.

In this beginner Gmail tutorial, you”ll learn what you need to knowabout managing your contact list. Start out by watching the quick screencast tolearn some of the basics. Next, review the written tutorial.

Explore how to import contacts, how to add your own new contacts, and how to build Gmail contact groups. As a bonus, this tutoriallists some practical ways you can use contact groups.

To get started learning about how Gmail can help you manageyour contacts, study:

5. How to Filter and Block UnwantedEmails (Spam) in Gmail


Learn how to block unwanted Gmail messages.

If spammy messages irritate you, you”re not the only one.Email spam is a common problem. But there are ways to deal with it. As a Gmailuser, you”ll want to put measures in place to reduce unwanted messages.

Besides spam, cyber bullying is another source of unwantedmessages. Cyber bullies are a growing problem that you don”t have to put upwith. Be sure to read the important information about cyber bullying in thisGoogle email tutorial.

It also explains how to block messages from certain sendersand how to report spam messages. You”ll find the complete discussion on how to deal with unwanted Gmailmessages efficiently here:

6. How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox to Be More Effective


This helpful Gmail email tutorial teaches you various ways to organize your inbox.

Once you”ve set up your Gmail account, put some securitymeasures in place, and found your contacts—you”re ready to take the next stepto become more productive. You need to organize your Gmail inbox to be more effectively.That”s exactly what this Gmail email tutorial teaches you to do.

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Explore the Gmail tools you need to get organized. Forexample, did you know that you can color code your Gmail inbox? You can, andthis Gmail tutorial shows you how to do it.

The email tutorial starts by going over some basic Gmailterminology. Then, it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use labelsand tabs. It also explains how you can convert your Gmail inbox to a classicinbox if that”s what you”re used to. Finally, it covers the basics of archivingmessages.

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Are you ready to get organized? Go here to get started:

And as a bonus, grab our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero Mastery. It”s packed with killer email inbox strategies—to help you get your inbox under control quickly and managing your email more efficiently.


7. Howto Search Your Emails in Gmail Like a Pro (+Gmail Tutorial Video)


The Gmail search tool can help you find the message you are looking for.

Many Gmail usersdon”t know it, but Gmail has a very helpful search utility. If you”ve neverused Gmail”s search tool, it”s time you learned how. It can be a quick way tofind the email messages you need.

In this Gmailtutorial and video, you”ll discover various uses for the Gmail search tool,including:

searchby labelsearchby sendersearchby recipientsearchby subjectsearchfor attachmentssearchby timeframe

The Gmail emailtutorial also includes a handy chart of Gmail search operators.

For a video andstep-by-step instructions to take your Gmail learning further, take a look at:

8. How to Quickly Recall(Undo/Unsend) an Email in Gmail (+Gmail Tutorial Video)


With this Google email tutorial you”ll learn how to unsend an email message.

Have you everregretted sending an email? You”re not the only one. For many years, once youpressed that email send button, that was it. There was no way to take back yourmessage.

Well, things havechanged. Email tools have become more forgiving. Gmail now provides a briefwindow of time when you can recall a message after you send it.

It”s a handytrick to know and one that just might make your day, especially when the messageyou need to recall is important. This Gmail tutorial provides a video and full instructions.

Find out how torecall Gmail email messages here:

9. How to Set Up a Gmail (Out ofOffice) Vacation Responder Email (+Gmail Tutorial Video)


Find out how to create a Gmail vacation responder message with this Gmail email tutorial.

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Sooner or later,nearly everyone faces it. A period of time when you know you”re going to begone. If you know you”ll be out of the office for any length of time you haveseveral choices:

Don”ttell anyone. Let the emails build up and let your contacts get angry becauseyou aren”t responding.Checkyour email from wherever you are. Even if you”re on vacation, make sure yourespond as promptly as you would if you were in the office.Setup an out-of-office message. This allows you to manage your contact”sexpectations without eating into your personal time.

The first optionobviously has some problems and the second option can seriously cut into yourtime off work. This Google email tutorial focuses on the third option.

For detailed stepson how to use Gmail”s vacation responder feature, turn to this email tutorialand screencast:

10. 20+ Helpful Gmail Pluginsfor Better Email Management

The next usefulGmail tutorial focuses on a topic rather than a single feature. The topic isGmail plugins, and it”s something you really should learn about if you want toget the most from your Gmail account.

Gmail pluginsallow you to tailor your Gmail setup to your unique needs. There”s a plugin for nearlyeverybody. They can help you become more productive, more creative, moreorganized.

This helpfulGoogle email tutorial provides an overview of more than twenty of the mostpopular plugins available. Use it to find a Gmail plugin that”s right for you.

To explore the world of Gmail plugins, read thetutorial below:

You”ve Learned Gmail Basics: What”s Next?

These Gmail tutorials for beginners are just the starting point of what you can do withthis robust email app. There are lots of other resources to help you understand how to learn Gmail and take full advantage of its options.

If you have aspecific Gmail question, Google”sLearning Center is agreat place to look for answers. For more advanced tutorials on how to useGmail, explore our series of tutorials for advanced Gmail Users, YourUltimate Guide to the Best Gmail Tips and Tricks.

More Helpful Email Tips and Strategies

Don”t forget to sign up to the Tuts+ newsletter and grab our free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero Mastery.

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It”s packed wth inbox organization strategies and killer tips for managing all your incoming email more efficiently.


For additional email tips not limited to Gmail, I suggest reviewingthe following email tutorials:

Which one is your favorite Gmail tutorial? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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