Skip The Inbox Filter Not Working : Gmail, Gmail Filter Stopped Working

I”m studying in a Russian non-technical University now, where we don’t have a normal mailing list to get emails from teachers and from each other.

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I”ve created an account on Gmail and sent that address to all our teachers. Then I”ve created 20 filters to forward any incoming email to 20 classmates (Gmail limit). And I”ve created a rule to resend emails to another Gmail address. This address has similar filters to forward to other classmates” accounts. In the end, all 35 students can receive teachers” emails.

Everything was OK till this September.

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During the vacation this scheme stopped working: filters do not run anymore. Filters are very simple (if * forward to name Only direct forwarding to one address works. Looks like Gmail blocked this option for my “mailing list.”

So, how can I fix forwarding by a filter?






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How can I take action on incoming Gmail emails (via a saved filter) that do not include a plus sign in the to line?


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