Gmail filter not forwarding email

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Create an auto-forward filter: Select the Settings gear > See All Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Create a new filter.Next, enter your criteria, or enter
to forward all mail. Select Create Filter > Forward it to and choose an address, then select Create Filter.To disable forwarding: Select the Settings gear > See all settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Disable Forwarding.

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Set Up a Filter to Auto Forward in Gmail

To set up a filter that forwards Gmail email to another email address:





Enter the criteria for the email you want to forward. For example, to forward all mail (as standard Gmail forwarding does), enter
in the From field. To forward mail from a certain sender, enter that email address, name, domain, or any part of these next to From. When you finish, select Create filter.

In the next window, select Add forwarding address (if you don”t have one set), or select one of your saved addresses from the menu.

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If you haven”t specified at least one forwarding address, you won”t be able to forward mail using the filter. Check out our guide to setting a forwarding address in Gmail for full instructions on this step.

Select the Forward it to check box and choose the address to which you want these messages delivered from the drop-down list, then

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After you create a filter that forwards certain messages to another email address, a notice appears in your inbox stating that your filters are forwarding some of your mail. This reminder appears for the first week after you set up the filter.

How to Turn Off Forwarding

If you no longer want any messages forwarded to other email addresses, disable forwarding in Gmail.

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How to Delete a Filter

If you use multiple filters to forward email messages and you want to stop using one, delete that filter.

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