Using Gmail labels, colors & filters to sort important emails

having trouble setting up labels in gmail? resolved

sometimes not everything goes as expected. you may encounter various challenges when trying to create new tags.

reasons you may have trouble creating new tags

  1. outdated browser version: (fix: update your browser)
  2. critical extensions disabled (fix: enable blocked plugin or extensions )
  3. antivirus blocking your gmail (solution: temporarily disable your antivirus)

You can resolve these issues as follows:

1. outdated browser version: (solution: update your browser)

since gmail is a google service, you may need to access your emails and create new labels through a chrome browser. however, that doesn’t mean that other browsers like firefox, opera mini and microsoft edge won’t work.

what you need is to make sure that you are running the latest version of the browser. chrome and most browsers, updates usually happen in the background every time you close and reopen the browser.

then if you haven’t closed the browser for a while, you should. there might be an update pending. this would be as shown below:

2. critical extensions disabled (solution: enable blocked extensions)

If you’ve accidentally disabled important browser extensions, you may have trouble creating new tags. don’t worry because you can easily re-enable it in a few steps.

  1. click the three dots at the top right of your chrome browser.
  2. choose “more tools” > “extensions” > “extensions”
  1. scroll through the list of extensions to check if there is a notable extension that is disabled. turn it on.
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3. antivirus blocking your gmail (solution: temporarily disable your antivirus)

The antivirus installed on your computer may cause problems with the creation of new labels if it continually blocks certain internet activities. identify the type of antivirus installed and visit its official website on how to temporarily disable scanning.

gmail tags/filters not working

here are some of the reasons why gmail tags are not working and what you can do about it:

1) tags are hidden

If you can’t find labels in the left pane, there is a chance that the labels were accidentally hidden. you need to navigate to the settings page and check if the specific tags you want are marked as show or hide.

2) your browser version is out of date

sometimes you may be using an outdated browser version, hence the problems encountered with gmail and its tags/filters. browser updates often happen automatically in the background when you close and open the browser.

However, that won’t happen if you haven’t closed your browser for a while. fix the problem by closing the browser and allowing a couple of minutes before reopening it. now check if you can use gmail without problems.

3) there is a problem with google services

When tags or filters don’t work, it doesn’t mean the problem is always on your side. sometimes gmail may have had issues hence the challenges faced by the mentioned services.

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You can do a quick search online to check if there is something wrong with gmail. if so, there’s not much you can do other than wait for google to figure it out.

what’s next?

Creating labels and filters in gmail gives you immense control when it comes to your inbox. As explained in this guide, you will no longer have to struggle wondering where certain emails have disappeared. In addition to creating the labels in a few shared steps, you can manage and rearrange them however you like. There are several ways to organize your gmail inbox and labels are just the first step, learn more about how to manage gmail accounts or set up and create one >gmail account for the organization. since it’s pretty obvious, who doesn’t want to arrive at an inbox zero?

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