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As a standard business communication format for many different industries, email messages offer users a familiar and consistent correspondence tool. however, the flip side of this popularity is an endless collection of cluttered inboxes, because everyone is sending email.

The gmail workspace platform offers valuable features to help streamline email management, but in some cases, these native tools lack the power to make a substantial dent in your inbox.

Countless apps can enhance your inbox for mail merges, email automation, and much more. But because not all apps have all the features you need, fully optimizing your inbox means using multiple apps. even optimization can backfire if you’re constantly switching between apps, trying to align them with each other.

Fortunately, gmelius has all the features and integrations you need to help automate your team’s tools, manage emails, and save time and effort. we build our integrations to maximize team communication and collaboration. try it for free, through your google account!

email automation: dissemination without external marketing or software

While automating your outreach is important, it may not be possible without outsourced email marketing services or customer relationship management (CRM) software. instead, your team can automate email outreach with some of gmail’s native tools, powered by additional features gmelius offers to fully optimize your email.

gmelius helps increase the accessibility and effectiveness of native gmail tools and gives your team additional features for even greater productivity.

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Email templates are an easy way to save time on repetitive emails. Whether you’re preparing an email marketing campaign or an internal employee reminder, using built-in templates can save time and ensure your message contains all the necessary information.

Using templates does not necessarily mean that your responses are impersonal. gmelius allows you to add personal touches by creating variables that can be filled in later. once created, you can share your template with the rest of your team. this ensures professionalism, creates consistency, and helps keep messaging consistent for all team members.

Email automation through shareable sequences can enhance your team’s reach with autoresponders and other actions. gmelius sequences use simple “if this, then that” filters to make sure your emails always reach the right leads, at the right time.

You can also sync emails with kanban boards and automatically apply shared gmail tags. gmelius stores all your templates in the “compose” window so you never need to keep an updated list of tracks. and registering with gmelius is easy!

gmelius workflow automation rules allow you to streamline your team’s daily processes and distribute your workload in just a few clicks:

  • assign tasks
  • change conversation states
  • add tags and labels
  • drag and drop tasks
  • exchange notes email address

Instead of creating new replies for each conversation, simply set up triggers to automate your replies – stored as templates, of course! You can also use email automation for tasks instead of manually delegating them. when incoming emails meet certain preset criteria, gmelius automatically routes them to the correct team members.

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In addition to autoresponders, gmelius’ workflow automation feature can sort your shared inboxes, organize emails by shared labels, trigger service level agreement (sla) rules, and more.

  1. automate kanban boards

kanban boards manage and automate email pipelines in an efficient and visual way that you can review from your gmail inbox. gmelius helps you manage your emails as task cards that you place on project boards.

Email automation also works with kanban boards, syncing all your tasks to your google calendar and automatically assigning added tasks to a column on a project board. When you organize a board into completion stages, a task will automatically change status when it reaches a certain stage.

You can see this visual organization tool in action when you request a short demo!

  1. automate your gmail meeting scheduler

Sometimes scheduling a meeting takes longer than the meeting itself. sending emails back and forth trying to coordinate times and dates is an inefficient process. gmelius meeting scheduler can automate the entire scheduling process including but not limited to:

  • share calendar availability
  • send pre-meeting reminders and quizzes
  • share zoom or google meet links
  1. use gmelius for full automation & team collaboration

Many apps offer help with automating your email, but continually switching between apps can be confusing and counterproductive. gmelius helps automate your outreach and streamline team workflows, all from your existing gmail account, so you can stay connected and be more productive.

  • save hours of copying and pasting
  • automate your team’s daily workflows
  • optimize your reach
  • strengthen your connections
  • never leave your gmail inbox
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Check out our features and integrations to see how gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. ready to start? register today!

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