Gmail and google calendar get a whole lot better on ios

im not getting my emails This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you New emails not showing up in Gmail Inbox. Following along are instructions in the video below:

How to resolve new emails which are not appearing your in Gmail Inbox.

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All right in this video. We’re gonna address an unfortunate a very common problem problem that we’re seeing and that is that someone is hacked into your account your google account. And they are setting up a filter. That’s automatically deleting your emails as it come. In so a lot of you may not realize that you’ve been had but then all of a sudden you realize that wait a minute. I’m expecting an email from bob or peter or mike.


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And those emails are simply just not even showing up or you notice that those emails are showing up. But they’re being automatically put to trash so let me explain to you what’s going on and for those of you who have not already watched our video series on filters and labels. Please stop this video. Right here. Go watch that series on creating filters and labels. Just so you can get up to speed on exactly.


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What filters and labels are so let’s go ahead and address. This one issue. So a filter is basically an action the you’ve told google to take or to perform as an email comes in so. Here. We have one browser window open. We have google chrome open and over here.

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We have three tabs. The first tab is an account for john clark and we know that because if i click on this circle over here to the top right we can see that we’re logged in to jc sample email at gmailcom. Then we have a spacer tab over here. Then we have another tab. Which is for another google account for peter klein and we’re going to jump back and forth between these two accounts. So we can send a test message back and forth so let me jump back to this other tab.


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Which is to the inbox for john clark. So the first thing. I’m going to do is i’m going to go ahead and click on the icon of this gear over to the right then i’ll click on settings next. I’ll click on this tab titled filters and block addresses and here we have all the different filters that we’ve created one of these filters. However is a filter that’s doing something very unusual. It’s this one if we read it it basically says if any emails get sent to this email address of jc sample email at gmailcom.


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That those emails should automatically be marked as read and deleted. So let’s go ahead and test this i jump back to the inbox for the john clark account. I’m gonna come over here to this other tab for peters. Account and we’re gonna go ahead and click on the compose button and send an email to john clark would help if i could spell. And then we’re going to go and click send now i don’t know if you’ve noticed this. But whenever you send an email to somebody when you’re using gmail or google apps those emails arrive instantaneously unless you have an option to set or delay those emails from being sent.


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So let’s jump back to the john account. So you notice that that email hasn’t shown up and the reason for that is because we’ve simulated the same filter that these idiots are using. What’s they hacking into an account. Which basically said if an email comes to your email address to automatically mark it as read and delete it so we’re gonna scroll down over here to the left hand side and click on the label title trash and sure enough there’s the email that we just sent from the peter klein account to this john clark account so to fix this problem. You want to go back to the gear go back to settings click on this tab. Again titled.

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Filters and blot addresses select the filter that’s causing the problem then click on delete it’ll ask you to confirm that you really want to delete this filter. We’ll say okay so let’s go ahead and test it again this time we’ll jump back to the peter account click on compose one more time type in test2 in the subject then we’ll click send we’ll jump back to the john clark account and we’ll click on inbox and sure enough there it is so we fix the problem of having any emails that normally get sent to you not automatically be read and treated as spam. But you have a much much much bigger problem and that is that someone has had access to your life. Someone has hacked into your email account and who knows what other damage they could have done so i’m gonna stop this video right here. But what i need you to do if this has happened to you is i want you to go ahead and delete that filter obviously. But make sure you watch our other video series on security’s on how to change your password and what steps you should take in the event. You’ve been hacked thanks for watching. .Thank you for watching all the articles on the topic New emails not showing up in Gmail Inbox. All shares of are very good. We hope you are satisfied with the article. For any questions, please leave a comment below. Hopefully you guys support our website even more.

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