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Well, it”s a long time I”m using my Gmail account. Today, I had a talk with my friends about the date we created our Gmail accounts and we all had some guesses about it. Is there any option in Gmail info/settings where I can see the date I created my account?

Go to SettingsForwarding and POP/IMAPSee the POP download:1. Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since xx/xx/xxEDIT:

The most appropriate solution (as of now) is-

Click “Create an archive


Click on “Google+ circles > Transfer your Google+ connections to another account


You”ll see the account creation date


1) Using the date in the POP3 settings does not necessarily yield a correct date. E.g. I joined Gmail during the beta invite phase sometime in 2005, but I get a date with 2002 there. That’s because I later imported old mails with that date from my local Thunderbird client. 2) If you hover over the “1-100 of X,XXX”, there’s an option to show “oldest” or “newest” to quickly reverse the chronological order. –user44612 Jul 29 “13 at 9:11
This is the only conclusive answer there is to give about this topic:

Go to google.com/takeout and sign-in with your current GoogleAccount.Now click the link that says “Transfer your Google+ connections toanother account”Google will once again require your account password. Sign-in and onthe next screen you’ll see you Google Account creation

With reference to this article: Find the Creation Date of your Google Account

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the method is very simple:

The previous answers proposed several ways to find the creation date. Following, there is a summary

Gmail welcome message.

Đang xem: Gmail account inscription

This could be the easiest method and could work for many users but it”s not reliable because the message could be deleted, the Gmail service could has been added after the account was created (i.e. Youtube accounts) or removed and added several times.

Date in the Gmail POP settings.

This was retired.

Date in the Transfer of Google+ connections to another account

This was retired.

mhoran_psprep”s answer. Just visit the following URL –


Well, it”s a safe guess that you don”t have more than 999900 mails. Gmail will redirect you to the last page of your inbox, which will have the first 50 emails you ever received.

Ways have changed over years, so there is the one working now.

Sign in with your accountClick “Create an archive” (located in top right corner)Scroll down to “Google+ Circles”Click “Edit”Click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”On that page you”ll find creation date of your Google account
As of June of 2016, none of the methods here worked for me.

I did, however, find a workaround that might work for some (only if you have not changed your initial password, however):

Open your Google account (FYI, this page has the following header: Control, protect, and secure your account, all in one place).

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Look in the Sign-in & security box and click the Signing in to Google link therein.

On the ensuing Signing in to Google page, look in the Password & sign-in method box and observe the date your password was last changed. If you haven”t ever changed your gmail password, said date will most likely be the date that you created said account.

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All the current answers are outdated.

I was able to approximate this by searching something like:

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from:google.comGo to search in your Gmail and type from:google.com. This returns the invitation email sent by Google the day you created your account (if you haven’t deleted that message already).

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You can go to http://drive.google.com and click View Details on the PDF file that is created in there.

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