How To Create Multiple Google Email Addresses Under One Google Account

Quick Tip: One Gmail Account = Multiple Test Email AddressesThu 1 Dec 2011

Don”t know about you but a lot of what I do requires having access to multiple email addresses (testing websites that require signup etc). To aide my development I have a few email accounts I use – a Gmail, a Hotmail, a Yahoo and a Google Apps one (my main account). That”s only four addresses though, which can be quite limiting at times.

Watching: Multiple google email addresses

In steps Gmail. If you have a Gmail account then you have access to “infinite” email addresses using that one account.

The Gmail account I use for general testing is:

jakehowlet (I left a t off on purpose)

But I could also use any of the following:

gmail.comjakehowlet+returnfailuretest, etc etc

You get the idea. You can tack a + sign and then any random string after it to invent a new email address. Obviously it still delivers to your Gmail account and it lets you signup to a website over and over as a “different” user.



Richard Shergold


Thu 1 Dec 2011 10:05 AM

Nice! You could also use this to determine who leaked your email address to spammers, if you were so inclined.








Jorge Coelho


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