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We can set Gmail notification sound on Android and other OS devices when new messages arrive in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari or any other web browsers. Just turn on the notification setting in Gmail by following the steps given below:

Right-click the extension icon next to Chrome’s navigation bar,and then chooseOptions.Scroll down to the Notifications section and please check whether Play alert sound for new emails is selected or not.Change the sound through the drop-down menu.Close the tab once done as the changes will be saved automatically.

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If you don’t see any notifications even after following the steps given above, then follow the steps given below:

Open the Gmail appin the device in which you wants to get notification.In the top left, tap the Menu button.Click onSettings.Select the Google account for which you wants to get notification.Click on the Checkbox next to “Sync Gmail“.

Can’t change Gmail Notification Sound: What to do?

If you are facing any problem while changing the Gmail notification sounds, follow the steps given below:

Firstly, openGmail account in any device.Tap thethree dashes appearingon the upper left corner.TapSettings and then click on your email addressEnsureNotificationsis checkedClick onInbox notifications and on Sound button.Choose aRingtoneNote:It is generally recommend select sound other than Default notification sound OR None.At last, click OK to save the changes.

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Follow the above-given steps if you think you can’t change Gmail Notification sound.

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Why does my Gmail notification sound not work?

There may be certain circumstances in which Gmail notifications don’t seem to work properly. I have checked my settings, go through the Gmail app, and still find that my Gmail notification sound not work. This seems to be a common problem as there isn’t a sure-fire fix, but we have several things that we can try.

Go to the Gmail app settings, tap on your account. Make sure it’s set to “All,” under the notifications tab and click on “Notify for every message” under Inbox notifications. Follow the same process for each Gmail account you have.You can also Manage labels by staying in the Gmail app settings and please check whether all the important labels are syncing or not. Tap on Sync messages and set an appropriate interval.Generally after visiting the phone settings, click on Sleeping apps and see if Gmail has been put to sleep. If it is, then click on the trash icon to awake it.Finally, in the phone’s settings, click on Accounts and backup and then Accounts. Tap on each of your Google accounts and check whether the toggle for Gmail is turned on. If not, then ON it.How to get Gmail notifications on iPhone?

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Following are the different options to get Gmail notifications on iPhone:

Option 1: Use A Puppetmaster Account: iPhone users have to use a secondary iCloud account to send and receive mail through your Gmail account from an iDevice. To get a secondary iCloud account, click on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > iCloud > Create a new Apple ID.

Option 2: Use Gmail for IOS.

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Option 3: Setting Gmail as an Exchange Account. We hope that the steps given above will help you in resolving the issues and also to get Gmail notifications on iPhone and Android. Now, if you have any further queries on how to set Gmail Chat notification sounds, we would recommend you to take expert’s help. Make sure that you have visited the website of and have a Live Chat with the professionals for better resolutions.

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