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Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Voicemail is one of the best ways to communicate during your busy time, especially when typing a message is impossible. just record your voice and send it as a voicemail and your friends will receive the message immediately. When it comes to the best voicemail app for Android, Play Store offers a wide range of options to ensure your convenience.

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Most voicemail applications are developed to give you a better communication experience. Some apps even support visual voicemails that allow you to transcribe voice messages and send them to your inbox so you don’t need to listen to emails. some others also offer more functionality beyond voicemail. what apps does play store offer? read on and find the answer!

best voicemail apps for android

Voicemail applications allow you to receive and send emails without having to type them. There are many apps available in the market and you can easily choose the right one based on your preferences. Here, you are about to find the best voicemail apps that work well on your android based smartphones.

1. my visual voicemail

My Visual Voicemail

enjoy a different experience when accessing your voice messages with my visual voicemail. This android application allows you to listen to the messages and read the mails in your inbox. The app supports voicemail transcription, allowing you to read messages anywhere, anytime. you can reply to mail with one click and manage inbox without dialing voicemail.

my visual voicemail is a free application that can be used from the first launch without changing your voicemail number. just add the widget to your home screen by holding space on the free space and choose my visual voicemail. now you can get easier access to voice messages. Navigate to unread messages and never miss important messages again.

This app is developed by Virtual Network Apps and comes in a fairly small download size, as little as 4.50mb. You don’t need to worry about phone memory as My Visual Voicemail won’t put a significant load on your device. So far, this app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

2. caller


instavoice is a free app that combines visual voicemail, missed call alerts and voice sms in one. this app can serve as your virtual assistant who answers incoming calls when you are busy. is available 24/7, just to make sure you don’t miss any important information from your friends or clients.

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Once you install instavoice, you can easily manage missed calls and voice messages in a chat-like interface. It helps you to know who called you or who left voice messages when your phone is turned off. you can read voice messages and respond to them silently, thanks to the voice message transcription feature. instavoice maintains your privacy because you don’t need to listen to email after email.

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instavoice also features unlimited cloud-based storage that provides ample space for your voicemails. There’s no need to delete voicemails just to free up space. Needless to say, you won’t lose your messages even if you switch carriers. The application developed by Kirusa, Inc. it can be downloaded for free on the play store with a fairly small download size of 17.52mb.

For an engaging user experience, instavoice has a customer support line that can help you solve your problems. Whenever you encounter a problem with this app, simply call customer support to help resolve the issue. Unfortunately, instavoice is not a full-featured app. if you’re looking for a professional voicemail app, this might not be a good choice.

3. basic visual voicemail

Base Visual Voicemail

If you are looking for the best android voicemail app to view and manage voicemails then you should check this out. Basic Visual Voicemail developed by Telenet Group is specifically designed to give you a better experience when checking voicemails. for it to work, you must be connected to cellular networks or to the internet through a wi-fi connection.

Based Visual Voicemail allows you to view a list of voicemail messages and choose any message to listen to. You can also share, delete or reply to the desired messages through this app. while listening to voice messages, you can stop, pause, rewind or forward the messages. If you have important messages to reply to, just click to call or text.

however, this versatile application can only be used by the clients of the base company. to gain access, you must be their customer and enjoy the features. base visual voicemail is compatible with android version 2.3 and above. Since its first launch, this application has exceeded 100,000 downloads.

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4. your email


youmail is a premium visual voicemail application for handling your phone calls. but it goes beyond just a voicemail app as it offers other features including robocall blocker and spam call blocker. If spam calls or robocalls frustrate you, youmail may be the best app to download. This app is available on play store and can be downloaded for free,

Like Visual Voicemail, it allows you to check incoming voicemails from smartphones and any other devices. if you usually use many devices, this app can be very useful. you can easily transcribe voice messages and send them to your inbox for privacy and security reasons. converting voice messages to text messages and email formats is a piece of cake!

youmail offers the highest quality transcription of voice messages to both text and email. Even when you are away from the phone, you can easily check voicemail via email. If you’re looking for a voicemail app for professional use, youmail might be the one for you. thanks to the conference call feature that allows you to organize conference calls without an access code.

In addition, youmail can serve as your personal assistant. thanks to the voicemail greeting feature that lets you greet callers when your phone is out of range. this app is compatible with various postpaid plans like sprint voicemail, verizon voicemail and many others.

5. hellomail

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another best voicemail app for android is brought to you by thumbtel ltd communication. This developer offers a great visual voicemail app to help you manage your phone calls. It comes with a number of features, not only for checking voicemails but also for blocking unwanted calls. This app works well for iphone and android smartphones.

Using this app, you can scan the voicemail messages in your text message inbox. just read the transcript and you don’t need to listen to them one by one. supports time efficiency as you can decide which messages to follow up on. if necessary, you can send voicemail copies to your email so that you can delete the messages in storage.

You are free to choose hullomail lite or hullomail pro. The lite version comes with easy-to-use features like voicemail management, transcription of 10 voicemails per month, copying voicemails to email, and personalized greetings for callers. also offers push notifications when your phone is off or out of range.

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If you regularly receive a large number of voicemail messages, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan or hullomail pro. This subscription plan allows you to enjoy unlimited cloud storage, so you don’t need to delete your transcript after reading it. this plan also allows you to search for a specific message. Are you interested in this app? you can try a 2-week trial before moving to the paid subscription.

6. googlevoice

Best Voicemail Apps for Android: Google Voice

if you are an avid user of all google products, you should not miss this voicemail app. Google Voice was previously known as Grand Central and when the company was acquired by Google, it became Google Voice. Technically, this app has been in the industry much longer than other competitors. today, this app is available for iphone and android.

google voice is a free application that is easily configured to improve your experience. If you already have a Google account, using this app is much easier. gives you a free phone number that can be set up on your device. When you receive voicemail, the app transcribes the messages and sends them to your email or text message inbox. google voice supports transcriptions in spanish.

This application has a message history that can be searched. you can easily search previous calls, messages and voicemails from the storage. Assuming you often use many devices, Google Voice allows you to send and receive messages from any device, including your computers. For professional use, this application supports international calls at competitive rates.

as mentioned above, google voice gives you a new phone number to receive voice messages. this can actually be a problem especially if your phone does not support dual sim card. Also, creating a new phone number just to receive voicemails is too much for some people. Assuming you want to change the number, you have to pay $10.

Choosing the best voicemail app for android gives you all the convenience to manage voicemails. you can easily handle phone calls and enjoy other features like spam call blocking or voicemail greetings. which app works best for you? make sure it’s available in your area.

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