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The organization provides refurbished computers free of charge to those in financial need and to returning military veterans and students. just visit the website to see if you’re eligible and to claim your free laptop.

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2. amazon trade-in program

If you want to get rid of some old technology and get your hands on some new electronics, you might want to check out Amazon’s trade-in program. You can exchange a variety of electronics, such as Kindle readers, home security devices, wireless routers, cell phones, and game consoles, for Amazon gift cards.

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The best part is that the program sometimes offers special offers. At the time of writing, in addition to getting a gift card for your old tech, you could also get 20% off a new Kindle e-reader. there were also many other offers available.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get free electronics from amazon, try the trade-in program. Simply trade in your old devices and you’ll get an Amazon Gift Card that you can use for free electronics!

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3. philips product tester

Philips makes many different products, such as televisions, speakers, and hair clippers. has a product trial program you can sign up for. Basically, you can try the brand’s products for free or at a discount, and provide feedback in a review of the items you try.

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4. microsoft product tests

Microsoft has a product testing program that you can sign up for. you will be able to try different microsoft products and provide feedback on them.

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5. Amazon vine

if you ever wanted a legit way to get free electronics from amazon, this is as close as you can get. Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where Amazon customers can receive free products.

The site selects reviewers to post their opinions on new and upcoming products.

If Amazon chooses you to be one of its reviewers, which are called Vine Voices, you’ll get free products, which could include electronics, from participating vendors.

only give your opinion on the products you test. the program is by invitation only. While there is no way to apply, you can learn more on the page linked below about what Amazon is looking for when selecting Vine Voices. it’s a great way to get free stuff on amazon.

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6. microsoft rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a rewards program from Microsoft that gives you points for using Bing or Microsoft Edge to search the Internet. you can earn even more points by answering quizzes.

points can be redeemed for microsoft gift cards, which means free cash to spend at the microsoft store.

You can also use your points to enter drawings for free electronics, like an xbox one game console.

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7. offer

You can find people giving away things on sale, including electronics. While the site is known as a place to buy and sell things locally, it also has a free section. at the time of writing i found a free nintendo switch, sony alarm clock and panasonic tv there. there were also many more gifts available.

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8. facebook market

the facebook marketplace is like an outlet where people can buy and sell used electronics and other new or used items locally.

just like the offer, the facebook marketplace also has a section for free stuff. Sometimes, you’ll find people giving away electronics near you. I’ve seen a lot of free stuff on Facebook, including free TVs, radios, and even free printers and fax machines.

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9. craig’s list

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You can find almost anything for free on craigslist.

the website has a section just for free stuff. you can find a section in your city.

simply go to the “for sale” section of your city cl and you will see a link to the “free” section.

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10. free cycle

you can gift stuff and get free stuff on freecycle. I’m sure it’s worth taking a look there to see if anyone is giving away electronics in your neighborhood.

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11. the global computer exchange

If you live in a developing country, you can contact word computer exchange. is an organization that provides computers to those living in developing countries. it is designed for youth groups, rather than individuals. visit the site for more information.

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12. the base on it

If you have a student in your family who is in grades K-12 and meets the eligibility requirements, you can get a free computer from the on it foundation.

Student’s parents or guardians can write to the on it foundation to request a computer.

plus, if you don’t qualify for a free computer from the organization, you can find deeply discounted computers from the foundation! program.

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13. pc for people (free government electronics)

eligible recipients can get a free computer from pcs for people.

this is a microsoft registered renovator. this is a great program to get a free laptop for low income families. to be eligible, you must be below the 200% poverty level or currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program. you can get more information on the website linked below.

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14. buyback boss

Do you have a broken electronic device? well, give the buyback boss a chance. the website buys a variety of devices, including broken ones.

You can use the money you get for your old devices to get new ones for free or at least at a discount.

simply get a quote from the site, ship your stuff for free, and get paid by paypal or check.

the buyback boss buys iphones, samsung devices and more.

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15. gazelle

gazelle is one of the best places to sell used phones and other gadgets. you can sell iphones, macbooks, google phones and more.

get an offer on the site, send it for free if it’s worth more than $1, then get paid by amazon gift card, paypal, or check.

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You can use this money to get free electronics.

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16. all in

everyone in provides low-cost internet service and affordable computers to those who need them. offers different programs that are designed for low-income people.

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17. follow brands and manufacturers

It’s definitely worth following the brands and manufacturers of the electronics you’re interested in. For example, you can follow Nikon or Canon if you are looking for camera equipment. or if you are looking for an xbox, follow xbox. Or if you’re looking for a smartphone, follow apple or samsung.

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once you have a list of the brands you are interested in, you should:

  • Follow them on social media platforms like instagram, facebook, and twitter.
  • Join any of the brand’s loyalty or rewards programs.
  • Sign up for the email lists.
  • visit the official site.

If you follow these steps, you will stay up to date with promotions, giveaways, giveaways, contests and other offers where you can get things for free or at least at a discount.

18. reward websites

Rewards websites will give you points for completing tasks, such as:

  • play games
  • watch videos
  • shop online
  • read emails
  • take surveys
  • complete offers
  • browse the internet

you can redeem your points for money in your paypal account or get a check, or gift cards for retailers like amazon and walmart.

some sites will pay you cash up front.

You can use this cash or gift cards to get free electronics.

here are some rewards sites you should join:

  • swagbucks
  • qmee
  • inbox dollars

19. survey websites

If you don’t mind sharing your opinion, sign up for survey websites. You’ll be paid to take surveys with money or gift cards, which you can use to get free electronics.

here are some survey sites you should join:

  • panda research
  • brand surveys
  • survey addict

how to get free electronics from manufacturers

Sometimes contacting companies directly can be a great way to get freebies, electronics samples, or at least a discount!

Contact your favorite electronics brands, compliment them on how much you enjoy their products, and then ask if they have any freebies or coupons because you want to try more of their products.

20. contact manufacturers directly

Most companies have a contact page on their site.

here are some popular brand contact pages to get you started:

  • apple
  • microsoft
  • samsung
  • nintendo
  • canon

final thoughts

With so many ways to get free electronics, you can easily get everything from TVs to phones without spending your own money!

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